Lu Chan Khuong case: Quebec dispatch an observer to the Bar

batonniere-suspendue-lu-chan-khuongWhile the Quebec legal community is torn by Khuong case, the Minister of Justice Stéphanie Vallée asked the Office des professions to send an observer to the Quebec Bar to ensure the proper functioning of the professional order , La Presse has learned. It would be the first time that Quebec sends an observer to the bar, which welcomes this initiative.

“Under the circumstances, the Minister of Justice has asked the Office des professions to ensure that public protection mechanisms within the Bar continue to apply with all the rigor and effectiveness with which they l ‘far have been “confirmed to the press the press officer Ms. Vallée, Jolyane Pronovost.

The Minister of Justice has no reason to believe that the professional association of lawyers, who include a mandate to protect the public, does not work as it should, said Ms. Pronovost. However, it “prefers to make in order to reassure the population.”

Ms. Vallée took this decision last Wednesday, before the hearing held Thursday in Superior Court in the dispute between the Board of Directors of the Bar to the suspended Bâtonnière Lu Chan Khuong. At that hearing, the Bar referred to a second incident involving Mr. Khuong in a Simons store in Sainte-Foy. Mr. Khuong was suspended by the Law Society of CA on 1 July after La Presse revealed that Bâtonnière elected last spring was the subject of a complaint to the police for shoplifting at Simons in Laval in April 2014, and that the complaint had resulted in the opening of a non-litigious file by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPP). Mr. Khuong advocates a careless mistake, denies having committed theft (the acceptance of a non-litigious record does not mean recognition of the facts). It disputes his suspension as Bâtonnière court.

A disavowal?

When asked if the intervention of the Office des professions constitutes a disavowal at the location of either of the parties, the Minister Valley said “do not want to interfere in the conflict nor in the Law Society’s governing, “said her publicist.

The observer for the Office des professions – in theory, but rather an agent – will Denys Duchaine, who is Special Advisor to the President of the Office des professions Jean Paul Dutrisac. His term will begin “without delay,” the Office said yesterday. He must report to the Minister within 30 days with recommendations as necessary. “This is an exceptional situation, but our mandate is to ensure that public protection mechanisms are not affected by the situation,” said Stephan Boivin, communications manager for the Office des professions, which was Communication with the Law Society in recent weeks. “The Office maintained the hope that there would be an agreement between the mediation the parties [the Law Society and Bâtonnière],” added Mr. Boivin.


The Barreau du Québec welcomes the arrival of an observer from the Office des professions. “It is not a surprise, we are talking also with the Office des professions on a regular basis since July 1 [date of suspension of the Bâtonnière],” said Mr. Louis-François Asselin, Vice -President of the Bar. “That the Board is concerned that happens, it’s normal, that’s his job. The aim [of the observer] is to dispel any ambiguity about public protection mission.

In that sense, we welcome as good news, especially if it can reassure our members. Since July 1, I made ​​sure personally that the Society continues to operate as usual. The trustee and the Discipline Committee continue to do their work, there is no delay in the signing of licensure. “At the request of its members, the Barreau du Québec in Laval Monday held an extraordinary general meeting on Khuong the case.

The Quebec Bar is not the only professional who has been visited by an observer from the Office des professions. This year, he also sent a within the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. In this case, the Board has made several recommendations, including an increase in the contribution of engineers and administrative changes.

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