Luca Fortin: a beautiful experience in China

apprendre-faconsThe painter Luca Fortin just returned from a residency in Beijing, China. Rich experience in discovery and learning that could open the doors to a new market.

Two artists have been selected to represent Quebec in the Francophonie Month in China. Luca Fortin is one of them. He spent 21 days in Beijing in March. The Jeannois moved into the largest center specialized in prints of the city arts. He shared space with representatives of France, Belgium and Switzerland, also invited, and Chinese artists.

“The only thing we should be concerned, it is created. And that is fantastic, “he says.

The initiative of the International Youth Offices of Québec and the Department of International Relations and Francophonie allowed artists to live an arts residency unusual. A first international experience for the painter.

“We had to work with Chinese artists and a representative of each country to produce a collective work. Each artist was also working on a personal work for an exhibition that will last a month and whose opening took place on March 28, “he says.

Luca Fortin, the trip was rich in discoveries and learning.

“The Chinese really have a different approach to contemporary art. The technical prints date from long ago. It’s a challenge to get to update these techniques. This is the same issue here than there, but in China they are very focused on traditional techniques. For them it is very important, “he explains. “I learned a lot. It’s interesting to see the two ways of looking at things is exciting. ”

The artist had to quickly adapt to the Chinese way of life.

“There, they work six days a week, from 8:30 am to 22h. We took their ” beat ”. It was much to do. We had to soak the place, creating works, prepare the exhibition. I let myself be guided by experience. I wanted to immerse myself in the place of creation. ”

Finally, Luca Fortin received three days of free outputs. “I did not expect this, But it turned worth it,” said one who ate and slept in the huge private center. “It’s impressive to see. There is no limit to the level of creation. ”

The artist and his traveling companion were the first Quebecer to settle in the center that receives fifty artists from around annually.

Luca Fortin has also been invited to return to the center next year. An invitation he would like to accept. “It’s exciting and it’s a nice entrance to the market and for a solo exhibition possible.”

Finalist in an international competition

Luca Fortin has just learned that a facility of collective Fontaine / Fortin / Labelle which he belongs is a finalist in a competition in world-class architecture. A beautiful new consistent with the end of the Master of Architecture from the one whose practice combines her field of study and art.

The work named Petite Vie has been installed in the Old City under unusual Passages. For four months, 12 temporary installations of works were a course in the city.

“Our facility has been published in magazines in Austria and Japan. high visibility we received internationally, “says the young artist.

Recently, the group learned that Little Life was selected as a finalist for The Architizer + A Popular Choice Awards, an international competition that promotes and celebrates the best projects and architectural products of the year. The public was invited to vote for their favorite work in each category. Petite Vie is one of five finalists in the category “Concepts”. The winner will be announced on 12 April.

“The price includes a particular publication by a publishing house. As Petite Vie is an ephemeral work, a publication allows you to leave a trace that will endure over time. The price also helps meet the larger firms, it’s interesting. ”

By then Luca Fortin focuses on the end of his Master of Architecture.

“On April 15, I end five years of study and what is good is that many interesting things are afoot,” says the man for whom art and architecture go hand in hand.

“When we go back in time, it is not uncommon to see visual art and architecture related. One feeds the other. Sometimes the line is quite fine between the two. ”

A vision that until now, succeeded him well.

“It’s part of contemporary issues not to be frozen in a field,” he says.

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