Lufthansa: new strike of the drivers on Wednesday

The German union of the pilots Cockpit, in open conflict with the direction of the air group Lufthansa for more than a year, announced on Monday night that a new movement to strike on Wednesday, after the one launched for Tuesday on the long-haul.

Lufthansa, which announced that 84 flights on 1.500 will be cancelled on Tuesday, said in a press release that this extension of the social movement would lead to the removal of “hundreds” of flights on Wednesday, “clearly” that the strike on Tuesday. The company has also indicated that a flight plan alternative is expected to be ready Tuesday in the early afternoon.

Cockpit, which reports on its website that the “lack of will” of Lufthansa to reach an agreement, “will call all its members to strike on Wednesday “between 00: 01 and 23: 59”.

According to the Cockpit, the movement, which also relates to the flight of the subsidiary low-cost airline Germanwings, which “will attempt to replace the flights” of the parent company Lufthansa, which will affect the flights short and medium-haul flights departing from Germany.

1520 flights are planned for Wednesday, who must carry 180 000 passengers, including families of the regions of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, who are completing their summer vacation, recalled Lufthansa on Monday night.

Earlier Monday, the union Cockpit announced a first strike for Tuesday, only on the long haul, the 13th in 18 months. It has to start at 08: 00 and should theoretically come to an end at midnight. But with the announcement of the Cockpit to expand his movement to Wednesday, it will be immediately extended by the new strike.

“On the 1500 flights scheduled in total for Tuesday, 84 are cancelled”, had indicated Lufthansa on Monday afternoon. This represents a little less than half of the 170 long-haul flights normally scheduled.

The cancelled flights are departing from or arriving from Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf.

The call for Tuesday, would include the cargo, but “thanks to the drivers, volunteers,” the seven cargo flights planned for Tuesday will take place well, ” says the giant of the air.

Cockpit and Lufthansa wrangle hotly among other things, on the terms and conditions of retirement of pilots. On a background of very tense negotiations, the union called the strike to repetition, especially during the winter months 2014/2015. The last few stops working go back to march. After the crash of an airplane of Germanwings, the company of the Lufthansa group, in the French Alps at the end of march, Cockpit had suspended its strikes and negotiations with management had taken over these last few months.

In a statement released Monday morning, the union says have made major concessions, but without finding common ground with management.

To face the competition of low-cost airlines, Lufthansa, an umbrella in addition to the company of the same name, Germanwings, Swiss and Austrian Airlines, has initiated a major reorganization with the aim of transferring its national connections and medium-haul to its branch low-cost airline Germanwings. Some personal of the company see in this a threat to their status and their remuneration.

During previous strikes, Lufthansa, the first european air group, has managed to mitigate the effects on the passengers and to avoid the chaos by preventing the customers, making pilots fly that occupy other functions within the group and by working closely with the operator of the rail Deutsche Bahn.

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