Madonna at the Bell Centre: several disappointments

madonna-entame-sa-tournee-rebelMadonna onstage household and she used her audience to more spectacular shot. At 57, you can not blame him to slow down, but the selection of his new tour songs inadequate.

In his new Rebel Heart tour launched yesterday at the Bell Centre, Madonna has bet on about its staging. She also highlighted her voice in intimate acoustic performances.

Like a Prayer? Hung Up? Ray of Light? Erotica? All these tubes were left out of the show. Madonna offered, as was rumored, a revival of La vie en rose Edith Piaf. And fortunately, she served in the Holiday recall.

Madonna may still keep its core rebel, but rather a certain vulnerability that emerged yesterday from his new show to different segments: religious, Latin, jazz.

His latest album fared poorly on the charts, but Madonna has not deviated from its tour. On the contrary. It also unearthed oldies at slower pace, including True Blue, which allowed him to fully singing instead of dancing.

As expected, the show opened at 21.30 with Iconic and a video of boxer Mike Tyson bloodied in a cell. Madonna was in custody, too, while futuro-medieval guards were pacing. Powerful.

Then Madonna, “true” descended from the air aboard a dungeon.

Dressed in a red cape (short, this time), the star of 57 years darted with her dancers on the cross-shaped walkway that crossed the lawn to occur on a heart-shaped surface. Chance the Rapper appeared on screen for her vocal participation.

Madonna continued with Madonna Bitch I’m in front of Japanese image projections interrupted by a segment filmed with Nicki Minaj.

Dressed in a black dress and thigh boots to look sexy, rock, stylish, Madonna grabbed a guitar for Burning Up, magnified by images of burning fires. A piece taken from his first album released in 1983.

Moment Factory signed the visual Holy Water. Japanese bondage scenes accompanied the dancers who were doing a striptease on crosses, dressed in sexy nuns. Madonna began to swirl on the body horizontally from one of them and then she offered too short a remix of Vogue. On stage, her dancers then reproduced the Last Supper of Jesus and his apostles.

Madonna was soon found lying on the table, legs open and hands tied. Then she began to sing the acoustic ballad from his new album Devil Pray. A black priest recalling the controversial Jesus her Like a Prayer video appeared on the bridge. Very successful.

Madonna loves Montreal

The second segment of the show opened with Body Shop, reproducing a garage scene. “You have a good time? It’s good to be back in Montreal. You know, eh, I have the French-Canadian blood? “Madonna launched.

She then had to insist that the crowd gives him “enthusiasm.” Then, ukulele, Madonna offered his uncluttered and acoustic version of True Blue, which dates from 1986, before dancing on Deeper and Deeper.

Madonna climbed a spiral staircase in the middle of the floor, chased by a dancer doing parkour. She played Love Do not Live Here Anymore, classical Gregory Mills resumed it in 1984, before dwelling on the same time with a tribal version of Like a Virgin. She then made some choreographic impulses which it was not his 57 years.

The next table has exploited the theme of bullfighting his new song Living For Love. A perfect excuse to continue with Latin La Isla Bonita. As for the remix of Dress you Up and Into The Groove, which followed with Madonna in the middle of a sort of band of gypsies, the verdict is clear: total failure.

These are the interludes that were the most spectacular in the show last night. Including dancers on removable poles for Illuminati.

In the last segment of jazz nightclub style, Madonna donned including Music and Material Girl. Madonna appeared too too much focus on his dance moves. Mostly, all exuded boredom.

Earlier, Madonna had made ​​a bivouac version of Who’s That Girl. During his Rebel Heart song, an image editing presented its many styles and personifications over the years.

Madonna in retrospect? Which plunges into the past to claim its iconic status? It had to happen one day.

The Rebel Heart Tour Madonna keeps fully in the loop since this is still touring blockbuster intimate with added value. But we do not know how she could reach such a song selection that creates downtime and often left unsatisfied during his show, which returns tonight at the Bell Centre.

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