Madonna: the flamboyant and intimate

reine-pop-pas-rate-retrouvailles(Quebec) Three years after a passage on the Plains of Abraham, which had left many fans wanting more, Madonna was back in the capital on Monday. In a brand new Videotron Centre offering a much more appropriate concert experience with truffle artistic proposal details – and not always focused on the compromise – the queen of pop, it did not miss his reunion.

It is probably difficult to get a program that does disappoint anyone when his cabinet career three decades of pop music. We can not blame Madonna to sit on its laurels, nor unduly feed nostalgia for his fans. Rebel Heart tour in this still young, it leaves the high ground to the titles of his last album, released earlier this year.

Several successes have been left in the lurch. No Like a Prayer or Papa Do not Preach or Express Yourself … But still a good handful of old hits dressed again depending on the mood of the moment: True Blue where Madonna was accompanied on the ukulele, Burning Up which gave him the opportunity to enter the electric guitar, Deeper and Deeper accompanied by dancers in an almost playful universe cousin of West Side Story, La Isla Bonita in its proper place in a Latin segment Dress You Up for carnival gaits, Music soaked in jazz aesthetics of the 30s.

As usual, the singer, who played a long walkway ending on a platform in the heart, has ensured that his new show delights the ears as much as the eyes … And the tables are linked with a lot contrasts.

The entry into the field of Iconic proved as powerful qu’oppressante: boxer Mike Tyson of images trapped on the screen, dancers looking like samurai and a singer who descends from the ceiling in her own cage. We stayed in Asia time Bitch I’m Madonna before plunging into religious iconography encanaillée so dear to the Madonna. The cross became pole dancers, the good sisters donned traditional cap and sexy lingerie, the Last Supper was recreated on stage with the star that ended lying on the table time to interpret the ballad Pray Devil. A short detour to the garage to Body Shop will bring us later in bullfighters and the carnival.

Madonna has often played the flamboyant Monday: particularly carefully or acrobatic (hat to that of Illuminati!), Musical interludes proved spectacular. But she also offered owls intimate moments with his fans. As during this energetic Like a Virgin, but comes face to face with the public. Or this Who’s that Girl acoustic interpreted at the end of the bridge, followed by a sharp Ghosttown emotion, but not always just vocally. Or Rebel Heart also sung close to the public, rightly accompanied Madonna portraits created by fans.

At the time of going to press, it was still awaiting the resumption of La vie en rose Edith Piaf enrolled in the program, which also promised an end to the tune of Holiday.

While it is still in testing the sound of the new arena, one can say that the passage of Madonna has certainly been less deafening than Metallica. But not always accurate, however. From the top of the bleachers, we really struggled to grasp what she told between songs. We thought he heard the star address the crowd calling him “Montreal” … Hopefully it’s the speakers that played tricks on us!

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