Magnesium Alliance prepares its pilot plant project in Asbestos

autorisations-necessaires-mainWith all necessary approvals in hand, Alliance Magnesium is finally ready to launch its pilot plant project of magnesium production in Asbestos.

The plant layout of the pilot project and its construction will continue for another six months, followed by business development for another six months.

The Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Pierre Saint-Aubin, confirms a cost of roughly $ 10 million related to the pilot plant. Of this amount, the company was awarded $ 3 million the Government of Canada. The diversification fund the MRC des Sources contributes with a loan from $ 2.25 million while the company has already injected $ 1.8 million for three years. The order of investment agreements of $ 5 million signed with private partners are added to complete this first phase.

Of continuous work

“Delivery of the first ingot is scheduled for late 2016, early 2017. The first commercial phase requiring investments of $ 70 million will take place in 2018-2019 and the great commercial phase of 50 000 tonnes of magnesium, put forward with a major investment of $ 500 million, is still in our planning to start in 2019, “stated Pierre Saint-Aubin.

“Technically, he continued, we work continuously with our technical team and our engineers on the development of the process and analysis of the raw material. Five patents have courses related to the process, including the one on the anode which was confirmed in January. These are laboratory operations conducted largely on the current site operations at industrial level will occur very soon. ”

The environmental segment remains a constant concern of the company. Magnesium Alliance was endorsed Ministry of Sustainable Development and Environment of Quebec for the construction and operation of its pilot plant.

“To date and according to our technological advances, we can always claim that our process is the greenest on the planet for magnesium and that our product will be just as much, said Mr. St. Aubin. Our vision is directly in the Quebec government has put forward the goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gas by 37.5% by 2030 and we believe we are able to contribute up to 4% of the target of 1.6% of transportation GHG with our industry. ”

In total, Magnesium Alliance implantation is expected to create 350 direct jobs in the region.

“Besides being a very important project economically, we always talk about 350 direct jobs, $ 500 million investment in the region, we are directly aligned with environmental and social issues of today. A paradox persists to the effect that we are recognized worldwide for magnesium as one of the most promising projects to the growing demand for this metal in the areas of transport especially. We are still very poorly understood in Quebec and we deserve to be further supported by our governments, financial scale with this file. ”

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