Mail globetrotter: New York for the first time

times-square-new-yorkMy girlfriend and I retired and active we want to visit New York for seven days at the end of September. This is our first visit and there are so many ways of discovering this city that our choices are difficult. The journeys (plane, train), accommodation, main attractions, great eateries? Thank you for your advice. – Chantal Brunelle

The end of September is a great time to visit the Big Apple. You may have good weather without extreme heat. Another advantage of this destination: its proximity to Montreal.


As you do not seem to want to drive, you have three other transportation options: train, plane or coach.

Although the coach did not please you, he still deserves to be cheap. History of making an informed choice, here are the possibilities available to you. The research was conducted on 12 June the week of September 20 to 27:


COST: Between $ 420 and $ 700 round trip

DURATION: Approximately 1 hour 20


COST: $ 149.36 round trip

TIME: Just under 11 hours


COST: $ 155 round trip

DURATION: Between 7 and 9 am

Thus, the aircraft has the advantage to get you to your destination quickly, but cons, it may eat away a portion of your travel budget.

Less expensive, the train has its charm and has the advantage of letting you in New York city center. By cons, colleagues of La Presse who have already tried it found it particularly long ride because of frequent stops. We could even ran out of food on board.

It remains the coach. Probably less comfortable than the train, but it will lead you to the Big Apple soon. When you make your choice, nothing prevents you from taking such a train on the way and the plane to return …


This is your first visit to New York land? Do not sulk your pleasure and start with the classics: Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown and of course the High Line, urban linear park built on old railways. By cons, do not be afraid to go beyond platitudes. In an interview with my colleague Marie-Eve Morasse, journalist Marie-Joëlle Parent, author of the guide 300 reasons to love New York, recommended for visitors to venture outside of Manhattan. It suggests in particular to travel to the other side of the bridge, in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, where there are beautiful homes.

Another tip: avoid sitting down to you in the restaurants of Little Italy or Times Square. You may not find the desired authenticity. Here are some loose addresses you find in the Marie-Joëlle Parent Guide:

• For good pizza Di Fara Pizzeria in Midwood neighborhood

• To sleep in a beautiful house: Chelsea Lodge, in the historic district

• To walk in a beautiful street Pomander Walk, on the Upper West Side. There is a walkway that opens onto a complex of 16 beautiful houses from 1922.

Here are some tips that will certainly make for a nice stay. As you stay in New York for a week, take the time to walk quietly in the city. This is how we made the most beautiful discoveries.

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