A major center for medical research on chronic pain

centre-recherche-chusSherbrooke become one of the major centers in Canada in terms of patient-centered medical research in the areas of chronic pain and diabetes. Teams of research professors Louis Gendron and Andre Carpentier were indeed chosen to be part of the pan-Canadian research network that will benefit from a budget of $ 50 million over five years to carry out their research.

This recognition is part of the mandate of the lines of research that have given the Canadian Health Research (CIHR) and their partners.

“Here in Sherbrooke, the total amount will be about $ 3 million, half of which comes from CIHR and the other half from local funding sources. The Faculty of Medicine has played a major role in the financing and with the CHUS Foundation Research Center, “said Dr. William Fraser, Scientific Director of the Research Center

Louis Gendron will act as co-principal investigator in the section dedicated to chronic pain. Mr. Gendron said one in three Canadians suffer from chronic pain in her life and that currently, over 65% of seniors are struggling with a type of pain that increases with age.

“The establishment of the research strategy of network patient-centered chronic pain will structure research efforts to improve the assessment, prevention and treatment of chronic pain for all ages,” Gendron said.

For its part, the endocrinologist Andre Carpentier will be one of 15 co-principal investigators of the network which will focus on diabetes and its complications. Diabetes is one of the most common health problems in Canada.

But “diabetes-related complications can often be avoided if detected and treated early, says Mr. Carpentier. The creation of this network will facilitate the sharing of data and clinical research platform. ”

As these networks are part of the new Canada Research Strategy for Patient-Oriented, one of the members of the Users’ Committee of the CHUS, Jaime Borja, volunteered to be part of the patients involved in clinical research.

“The fact that the patient is at the base of this research is a must, said Mr. Borja. For the patient with life experiences, whether diabetes or chronic pain, is an expert in itself. It’s not just researchers who are experts, the patient also is. And I find that the idea to focus the research on the patient, is excellent. ”

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