Major commercial arteries: 26 parking officers laid off

rues-bientot-prises-assaut-magasineursThe holiday shopping could cost a few dollars less certain distracted motorists: Montreal comes to lay its thirty parking agents who monitored the major commercial arteries of the island, denounced their union.

The City would deprive millions in revenue, according to the organization. Especially as these streets will soon be taken over by Montrealers looking for gifts.

The police officers responsible, replied that these positions are related to time banks which have been exhausted in mid-November, earlier than other years. Agents should be back in 2016.

The 26 workers unemployed patrolled on foot the shopping streets of Montreal where there are terminals, parking meters. They all had the status of auxiliary staff, no job security.

According to Alain Fugère, president of the union of municipal white-collar workers, parking agents set foot reaped “millions” of dollars each month. “The city is deprived of income,” he lamented. If we calculate that an officer could issue several dozen “findings on a eight hour shift […], that’s a lot of money.”

“According to what they would have said Superintendent, it would be due to lack of budget,” continued Mr. Fugère, denouncing a decision “unexpectedly”. “Meanwhile, we hire a man who will take care of refugees for $ 1,800 a day, $ 110,000 for three months.”

In total, the Montreal parking agents distributed to just over $ 70 million in fines last year. In comparison, revenues from parking Montreal from the parking lots properly paid fell to just 62.9 million.

“No cuts or cuts”

This is the police department of the City of Montreal (SPVM), which manages the parking agents.

“These are time banks” that have been emptied, for his part, explained the boss of the police force communications, Ian Lafrenière. “Sometimes there are years when we manage to stretch the sauce a little bit because there was money in the bank of hours […] but this year we do not have. It happens like that outright. “” It’s not cuts or budget reductions, “he added.

Agents should be recalled in 2016, added the commander Lafrenière.

Alain Fugère does not share this analysis: “They could keep them in the year, he said. If they are made to go back in January [2016], the busiest time is going to be passed. It’ll be paying less in January than in the coming weeks. ”

The 26 agents represented more than 10% of Montreal parking agents.

Ian Lafrenière refused to move forward on the analysis of the union, preferring to defer to its factual explanations.

– With Pierre-André Normandin

Income from parking fines
2011: 61.0 million
2012: 67.0 million
2013: 71.6 million
2014: 70.6 million
Average fine in 2014: $ 58
Number of fines distributed in 2014: 1.2 million

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