Making Champions Crossfit

andrick-fournier-simonTo believe that the Crossfit Factory Sherbrooke has the winning formula. After the success of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, world champion in 2014 Crossfit Games, that the story could be repeated this year.

The first phase of qualifying for the Crossfit Games ended on Monday. At last, Simon Paquette, Nicolas Fournier Come and Andrick were on track to advance to the regional stage since the three were in the top 20 of the 6,000 registered Canada East region.

To qualify for the regional, participants must perform five prescribed workouts of the Open phase and must submit their results in video form on the organization’s website. The event is known each Thursday evening and the deadline for participation is the following Monday. The athletes thus have four days to register their best performance. They can repeat the training as many times as desired.

Andrick Fournier, teaching physical education student, was thinking just to start the final round to improve his time.

“We have no idea of ​​what others are doing, people went really good, you have to give everything especially since it’s the last. ”

But it takes nearly 48 hours between tests to allow the body to recover because the effort required is almost superhuman.

“At some point, you think about nothing. You find yourself in what is called the Dark Place. It’s like you lost memory, you can not hear the music or people screaming after you, “says Nicolas Come just after his ordeal.

Year after year, the sport is gaining popularity and level gets raised. So that some athletes qualify for other related Crossfit competitions, as Nicolas Come to be the next Canadian Weightlifting Championships.

Simon Paquette, who finished 26th in the world in 2013, is well aware.

“The competition is increasingly fierce, athletes improve, costs increase, there is new movement. Figures do not want to say much, the winner of last year was ranked 76th in the world. ”

The Crossfit Sherbrooke plant might be the only gymnasium in eastern Canada to send three athletes to the regional. How to explain that Sherbrooke produce as many aspiring champions?

“I think it’s because the three are training together. They push each other. Having a veteran like Simon Paquette in the trio that pulls the others up, “coach peak Félix-Antoine Savoie.

And subsequently looks even rosier for Fitness Sherbrooke.

“We have three or four other people in the top 100, you could send six people to the regional next year in my opinion”, Félix-Antoine Savoie advance.

Official results will be announced Wednesday, but this morning it will be possible to see if the three Sherbrooke residents will be able to qualify. Regional will be held in Albania, New York from May 27 to 29

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