Maltreated by two strangers, a woman wants public help

mere-famille-explique-quelle-envisageait(Quebec) The spouse of a member of Bodh’aktan group, which occurred at the park of the Francophonie Thursday night in the Quebec City Summer Festival, was manhandled by two men as she walked on the Great Driveway after the concert. She says having served ping-pong, pushed in all directions before being thrown to the ground without anyone intervening.

Cinthya Chouinard, 28, has appealed for help on social networks on Friday to meet his two alleged perpetrators. His message posted on Facebook was previously shared by nearly 12 000 people on Saturday night.

“After the show my boyfriend in Old Quebec, I went alone to the foot of the Grande Allée Ashton towards the cross [Lévis-Québec]. I have not had a chance to go far as two young men late twenties have intercepted me and started to pitch me one another while having fun with my tits the way. My head has seen and felt the asphalt a few times. One of their friends arraigned them and they simply crissée me down, “she wrote Friday about the facts that allegedly occurred between 22:30 and 23h, in the bars sector.

“What frustrates me even more than the situation itself is that NOBODY has occurred among the hundreds of passers-by on the street,” she added. “If you witnessed the scene or if you have two big innocent as friends who boast of having played ball with a young woman [they were proud and were funny] contact me or my boyfriend [.. .] Thank you for sharing so I can find them and complain. ”

Shell shock

The Sun managed to exchange a few messages with Ms. Chouinard Saturday to better understand the circumstances surrounding his story.

She explained that she was visiting her parents in Beaumont, to witness the spectacle of her boyfriend. She must also follow the group on tour later, but is instead returned home Friday in Havre-Saint-Pierre, to meet a doctor Saturday morning. The verdict: knee and left ankle resting, bruises, and she had suffered a concussion. Her partner in service in Drummondville on Saturday night called “hours” for news, said Ms. Chouinard.

No complaints

In his heartfelt cry on Facebook, the mother of the family says it plans to file a complaint to the police. Asked about it Saturday, she said she appointment with a female officer of the Sûreté du Québec on Monday to give evidence. Why not have done the same evening? “I was stunned,” she recounted, thinking only go home to her parents.

In his memory, a first suspect would be about six feet, would have the reddish-blond hair and is thin enough, while the second would be over six feet and have attached brown hair. “Note that I’m only five feet, so they had fun.” She estimated their age between 28 and 35 years. Joint Saturday, the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (Quebec City Police Force) had no information to provide on the case of Ms. Chouinard. No complaints were received and the crowd control agents do not seem to have had information about him. A lieutenant invited her to not wait and complain.

The place where the event occurred would usually heavily guarded by SPVQ. No police appear to have been alerted Thursday.

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