Managers CIUSSS demotivated

-hopital-chicoutimi“Very demobilizing, we feel like condemned and count the time we have to work.”

The judgment is terse, but merely overlap the comments received as part of a survey by the Association of managers of health facilities and social services of Quebec (agess) to its members. In the region, 124 of the 295 managers of the new University Centre Integrated health and social services (CIUSSS) completed the questionnaire and especially formulated dozens of particularly abrasive comments on the prevailing feeling in this new structure.

According to Director General of the association, Yves Bolduc, the response rate far exceeds the results obtained in similar exercises. This reflects according to his reading of the situation great confusion among managers who live abnormal situations. In Quebec, in 2534 the 6,700 members took the time to answer the questionnaire, in addition to write not less than 145 pages of comments on the situations they live.

“The situation is even more difficult in larger areas such as the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. We now know that all transportation is done to get mortgage institutions in family time for our members. When a person is in Chicoutimi and must attend a meeting in Dolbeau at 8 am, for sure she will leave at 6:30 am and the government does not grant extra time. He even cut the recovery time of the week that was in force. It is estimated that for many it is at least an addition of 300 hours per year are not paid, “emphasizes Yves Bolduc.

The frames also have challenges that will be almost impossible to meet despite the best will in the world. They are even more real situations in regions like Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and the North Shore. Some managers, depending on what the association notes, should lead groups 25 to 75 employees at three, four or even five sites. In some cases, we talk about seven or eight sites.

“People she barely knows is not asking someone to manage and, above all, she has no opportunity to rub shoulders on a daily basis. It is up to no theoretical framework.

“The implementation of Law 10 and the forced merger of the institutions of our region has meant that the eight institutions in the region have lost all their decision-making powers, or directional equity in favor of a single institution supposedly most most of the region. Their philosophy is that everyone now work like them even if it’s managed all wrong. The imagination and creativity of managers are completely destroyed and discarded. The ” power trip ” of the largest managers extends into all spheres of the various departments of the new CIUSSS the chagrin of us all, “wrote a framework that considers the Agency for Health and Hospital Chicoutimi literally took control of the new regional hospital.

This renchaîne stressing that “the motivation is high and is not going to get better, we do not have any minute to meet us and ventilate all, I’m talking about small teams in the ancient settlements. This is completely discouraging, “wrote another frame.

Throughout the revision of the comments across Quebec and in response to formal questions, the agess found no significant response when executives confirmed that the new creation of the Liberal government and the Minister Gaétan Barrette would produce positive health effects. Yves Bolduc asserts that throughout Quebec, these are similar findings as to the large network of disorganization and especially the state of mind of those who have to make it work.

Yves Bolduc intends to sensitize the Minister of Health and Social Services of the situation. Despite all the good will of CIUSSS directions in the regions of Quebec, he does not believe that a single executive would have the audacity to stand up for daring to speak to this issue Dr. Barrette.

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