Manchester City Here’s what Guardiola could impose its players

foot-football-sport-guardiola-entraineurRecent interviewed Samir Nasri and Bacary Sagna have taught us some strict measures of the Catalan coach. Pushing the vice, I imagine how far it could go.

Nothing is left to chance. Everything is designed to optimize the performance of the player, and when we say all, it really is. No wifi to push the players to discuss and come closer, breakfast and lunch all together at the club, no sex after midnight dinner at the stadium after a home game … It is to wonder if Pep Guardiola has limits. If he would not have, I put a ticket (€ 5, according to my sources) that would establish .
rangers in training
Nothing better to work your ball control. Rango of big, super thick, in which you feel shit, not flexible for a penny: there you better make the right move, choosing the right foot surface, anticipating the movement of the opponent . If you train the hard way, after you place match. You do not do that with the ball, you’re easy, more relaxed. You regalia. Sagna would have on the appearance of Daniel Alves. Shock.

One day, water will be a luxury reserved for the rich or for special occasions. We must learn to do without it, harden, increase its physical strength. If the Premier League is relocated to Qatar or the United Arab Emirates for a story about big money? Well there, Guardiola’s players will be ready, they’ll eat everyone easy, even under 40 ° without drinking. Anyway, when you drink, heavy’re after, it’s “blop blop” in your belly . Then water, from now on, is that game, when the team wins 3-0 at halftime. Or at home, sitting with his back stuck to the folder but not much. Tranquillou.

Commando course the last 3 months of the season
Everyone knows, a season is played from March. This is the beginning of direct elimination in the Champions League, when the low drop out in the league, the last rounds of national cups … So ended the joke: it’s time internship early commando March to May every all non-stop. Far from women who pump you energy, kids that annoy you, mates who push you to make gaps. It will avoid Zahia, the Periscope and other adventures.

No way they remain twiddling thumbs on the bench, in the stands or at home. Every guy who does not take part in the meeting should take notes on his little notebook, make a description of the match and edit a video for the next day. It will develop their tactical intelligence, their education, their reading of the game . Each player must be a potential coach, each player must be able to respond instantly to a full game situation. Football is also played with the head. Xavi> M’Bami guys, remember.

Monthly Election worst teammate

Mix business methods and Black Mirror, each player may note his teammates via an application. Whether about his involvement in the field (replacement, intensity of pressing, follow instructions, partner listening) and outside (availability, smile, politeness). And at the end of each month, the worst teammate will be designated and displayed on a board at the entrance of the locker room. . As a result, he will apologize to the entire workforce and will be excluded from the club to the third nomination. Hop, outside the shirker and shit fuckers. Obviously, this has been mentioned in a clause in the contract that players will (re) signed on arrival of Catalan.

Beatings on a nearby player that runs within 10km per game
Technique and game intelligence are nothing without fitness. Everyone must be at a healthy weight. Nasri said in “The night of the Team”, if you have exceeded more than 2.5 kg, Guardiola believes that you’re not ready to play at the professional level. Why ? Because the player must repeat the effort, stay in constant motion, himself available, varying the intensity of his races and exceed the required minimum of 10km per game. Whoever will show laziness will torture of a relative on his conscience. This is a track about the muddle between Ibra and Pep .

Gazpacho made weekly home
Gazpacho, that’s life. Guardiola looks even more is the good life. Consisting of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and basil, this Spanish cold soup helps to lose weight and fight against hypertension: risk reduction of 27% according to university researchers Barcelona. a perfect dish to influence blood pressure during exercise. So, once a week, a player must be in charge of the cooking and to benefit everyone. Diet, team building, tribute to the country’s coach: a beautiful 3-in-1. You have other interesting proposals?

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