Marc Boivin is confident

marc-boivinMarc Boivin knows he takes a risk by hiring a new coach while his team is in a precarious position, but he also realizes that he just strike a blow by bringing Richard Martel of the Marquis bar.

The general manager of team North American league is convinced that he could make a better decision, putting his hand on a coach who does not need presentation.

“When I changed my instructor, I like idea that Richard could end up behind the bench, dropped Marc Boivin. Make a change to 1-3 in a series, it was not obvious, but if I did nothing, it would drag us underfoot. Right now, this is the best coach you can not have. ”

A workout is scheduled Thursday, 21:10 Palais des sports. All players have confirmed their attendance, according to Marc Boivin.

“The guys are ready, vowed the dg. I have never had such a positive response from players when I asked a practice. The guys have not thrown in the towel, far from it. Everything is in place for it turns the series of edges. ”

Marc Boivin confirmed that Richard Martel was contacted for the first time before the start of the season, and also when Claude Bouchard left the team to go lead the Shawinigan Cataractes. The third time has been good.

Tribute to Alexandre Gauthier

Moreover, the Marquis will honor their former player Alexandre Gauthier in Friday’s match, he was involved in a serious road accident on February 26 in Lac-Saint-Jean. The strong man will be present to Friday Sports Palace and will conduct the ceremonial play. A hockey jersey will be auctioned to support him, before being randomly.

Also, even if the ticket of Marquis was storming when signing Richard Martel was confirmed, all tickets have not been sold. The rumor circulating to the effect that all the seats had been sold is false. According to Marc Boivin, 1500 tickets, of which 900 seats were still available Wednesday.

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