Marc Loranger returns home

defensive-marc-loranger-accepteMarc Loranger is homecoming. The defensive specialist has agreed a two-year agreement as defensive coordinator with the Bishop’s University football team, with whom he worked from 2000 to 2006.

Loranger therefore leaves the Lynx Édouard-Montpetit college football division after a three-year stay at dawn to harvest sown success in recent years he acted as head coach.

“I spoke with Jean-Benoît (Jubinville, Director of Athletics at Bishop’s) and Kevin (Mackey, head coach of the team) in training camp Montreal Alouettes (CFL) last year and already, they hoped to add another coach to the team at the end of the season 2015. It was’ll talk later and it became a reality, “said Loranger said.

Mackey will retain the management team and will handle special teams. He was responsible for the defensive for four years.

It has chosen to return closer to home, who remains in Sherbrooke, despite his CEGEP Édouard-Montpetit, a suburb of Montreal.

“I was well in college, I worked with young people, it was hard to take such decision to drop this job. In Édouard-Montpetit has brought the program a little further and we were convinced to reap the benefits from the fall. Some of my friends are surprised I left, but Bishop’s, I will also work with people I know. ”

No doubt, the arrival of Loranger with the Gaiters will be a breath of fresh air for the coaching staff, which was limited to Mackey and Brent Bailey, offensive coordinator. The only two permanent team.

Loranger Bailey knew then that he was a player at Mount Allison, the Maritimes, and he did the same with Mackey when he was a player for the Cougars Champlain and Bishop’s Gaiters at its last academic year.

After passing Bishop’s in the early 2000s, Loranger spent four years as defensive coordinator of the Vert & Or Sherbrooke University.

He won the Vanier Cup with Mount Allison as head coach in 1991.

It has the mileage, Mark Loranger.

“I am familiar with the Bishop’s reality is not new; at the same time, everything changed. The facilities are not the same, it’s not the same coaching staff, this is a new challenge. It’s part of what’s exciting. I know from cons that there is work to do on the field and in recruiting, “admitted Loranger.

And for good reason.

After a fantastic 2013 season, where they participated in the semi-final of the Quebec university football, the Gaiters crashed in 2014 and 2015.

In the overall, two identical 1-7 seasons, and the shallows of the rankings. Shortness of breath was visible among coaches, overwhelmed.

“I want to get other ideas, it can not hurt in the current context. And to be successful, it takes a recruitment pitch, and two coaches are not the only job is impossible. Bishop’s must sell to its qualities and with its special environment, a small institution without major programs. It will knock on all doors. ”

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