Marguerite Blais “needed a challenge”

demande-reflechir-dit-quil-respecteraitThis is not the only factor, but the refusal to appoint Philippe Couillard Minister weighed heavily in the decision to Marguerite Blais leaving politics. “I told Mr. Couillard I needed a challenge. To survive now, I need a challenge. And the challenge does not happen. So I made ​​the choice to be free, “said La Presse yesterday, the Liberal member for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne for eight years.

She advised Mr. Couillard of its decision Tuesday. “He asked me to think and he said he would respect my decision if my decision was to leave. We left harmoniously, “said a resigned in the only interview she wanted to give yesterday.

She “respects the choice” of Mr. Couillard not to appoint him to a cabinet position or a “great challenge”, as she says. The Prime Minister also seems to shuffle away scenario. This he suggested to Ms. Blais.

“A challenge was of course to take care of seniors or caregivers. It could have been another challenge too. But there are no short-term challenge, “dropped the former minister responsible for Seniors under Jean Charest.

A dream realized

She says Robert Bourassa, Gilles Duceppe, André Boisclair and Mario Dumont have courted to make the jump into politics. Jean Charest in 2007 made him a proposal she could not refuse. “He approached me to the county where I was born. And besides, in the party, he spoke of the possibility, and it was an election promise, there is a minister responsible for seniors. I dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed … It’s the only thing I wanted to do in my life, and I got it. ”

But she has not returned his dream under Philippe Couillard. “That’s politics: you do not you can expect to have a place eternally, she philosophized. The Prime Minister has his plan, and it works as it decided it was going to work. How would I say? It has a container, and decided the content that was in it. It’s correct.

“I do not envy Francine Charbonneau [Family Minister responsible for Seniors and] or my other colleagues, she added. It is I who need a challenge. I do not want to fly the challenges of others. To find meaning in my life, I must arm myself to somewhere. It’s not more complicated than that. ”

On March 27, Ms. Blais lost her husband, Jean-Guy Faucher, carried away by cancer. It took over the necklace to the National Assembly two weeks later. “I can tell you we often picked me up with a spoon.” She wanted to take a year, “but in politics, you can not do that.”

“I can not go to the National Assembly just to take a salary, you understand? I have too much respect for the member from work. There are those who say: “You should stay because it increases your benefits and your pension, and you can take a vacation.” I’m not able to do that. I had to leave my place to someone who will take care of the citizens of fully Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne. ”

“Multiple reasons” so explain his resignation, she insisted. “I do not see myself this winter from my house in St. Hyppolite [Editor’s note: near Saint-Sauveur] to take the road to Montreal after me and take the train to go to Quebec. Driving is a little difficult for me … Before, Jean-Guy was driving me to Montreal for me to take the train and come get me. ”

A letter received this summer has also caused a “shock.” “It said that I am eligible for a pension from the OAS.” She turns 65 on September 12. She then thought about what she wanted to do “the time [it] remains healthy.” “I want to be happy in my life in the coming years and I consider that I experienced the happiness that I had to live policy. I have no regrets. ”

She hold office for about two more weeks, for some activities in his constituency. It will be neither the Liberal caucus meeting next week, or the opening of Parliament on September 15. It was at this time that his resignation will be formalized.

Marguerite Blais decided to touch his transition allowance, better known as the term “severance pay”. It’s about $ 150,000. “This is my deferred salary. And I do not go to work anywhere, I’m leaving home! […] I have no life insurance my husband. I have very little income, “she pleaded. She says she consulted the ethics commissioner of the National Assembly who, not surprisingly, has confirmed his right to receive the allowance.

A by-election within six months
The Prime Minister Philippe Couillard will trigger elections within six months to fill the vacancy left by Marguerite Blais. Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne is a riding held by the Liberals since its creation in 1994. The Liberal Party has always dominated in this sector of the city of Montreal before. Marguerite Blais won with 52.5% and a majority of 11,540 votes in the elections on April 7, 2014. The fight was closer to the polling 2012. Ms. Blais garnered 38.5% of the votes against 32.1% PQ for Sophie Stanke today Bloc candidate in Châteauguay-Lacolle. The majority of liberal was 2307 votes.

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