Marie Dooley close shop on August 1

boutiques-marie-dooley-signature-marie(Quebec) The shops Marie Dooley Signature and Marie Dooley The Fair will close permanently on Saturday 1 August. She announced two months ago that it would close shop during the summer.

This is what designate Quebec announced Tuesday on his Facebook page:

“Our adventure will end on Saturday, August 1. Throughout the week, while the inventory fabrics will be available for sale. Woolen, silk, knitwear, silk fabrics … Beautiful sold at low prices. Goodbye and thank you again for these wonderful years! ”

She told the Sun at the time of the announcement of the closure of shops, if the designated farm shops, the businesswoman does not abandon his passion with insurance to bounce in another area.

The fashion designer, who combines 30-year career, including 22 years in storefront René-Lévesque Boulevard in Quebec City, has chosen to reorient his professional life.

“The advent of garments made ​​in China dealt a blow to the fashion industry, had said Ms. Dooley. I worked against the tide for 10 years and I never will solve me to make my creations in Asia. The cheap market has taken place so that I am forced to close my two shops. ”

She chose with conviction to move to another step in his professional life. By cons, she has chosen to keep its corporate customers and continue to serve the market signed uniforms for businesses.

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