Marie-Mai: passion and ambition

soiree-avec-marie-mai-declineShe spoke as a transient and show itself admitted not knowing where the lead the next chapter. After two years of absence in the capital, Marie-Mai showed Thursday that it has lost none of his enthusiasm … But she resolutely looking forward.

The blonde singer Thursday launched a 12-concert residency at the Capitol, which followed an even more ambitious (twenty performances in almost as many days) served to Montreal at the turn of the year. Recall that it was completed by way of stormy a very public breakup with his longtime collaborator, Fred St-Gelais. The singer has obviously taken time to recharge his batteries: she seemed very fit, Thursday.

As well settle for part of the month, Marie-Mai has not skimped on the means to occupy the territory. The space is used up by projections and metal scaffolding, hosting dancers at several points of the show. The baskets arranged on either side of the stage have given viewers to improve an impressive lighting system. Two gateways allow the singer or his musicians to move a little in the parterre. We are not in an arena, but Marie-Mai took out the heavy artillery. And the effect turns out very successful.

The blonde has launched hostilities – or rather the festivities – with a title of circumstances, I come back. Sounds a bit Arabist and Hindu-inspired choreography, immediately followed by a decidedly urban turn launched by COBRA. Marie-Mai was not going to stay there too long. The evening comes in pop mode, but the colors were varied, almost as much as the lighting cared: wink rap (Do not listen to me, she has recorded with Boogat), rock segment launched Lying some slower songs to play the card of the singer voices, including an amazing replay Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. In this program tumbling at full speed, the Quebec also borrows Taylor Swift (Blank Space), to Major Lazer and Mo (Lean On) and Justin Bieber (Sorry).

Young fans excited

On a smaller scale, Marie-Mai has not much to envy the biggest pop stars. She obviously a concern (and ambition) to eyeful. It treats its image (and his message) and dares sexy or flamboyant looks. She danced and moves well, even abusing a little pre-recorded tapes.

More importantly, it maintains – with blows of positive reinforcement, a bit of soliciting, gripping hands and walkabouts – a fervor among his young fans, who literally idolize. At one point Thursday, it was hard to keep your eyes on Marie-Mai as my young neighbor, aged about seven, rivaled the star intensity. Had to see sing loudly in his light stick and imitate the movements of the arms of Mary May No doubt, there are over!

The residence of Marie-Mai at the Capitol was originally scheduled to run until 20 March. Three more were added 25 and 26 March.

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