Maritime Strategy: everything to have the wind in its sails

premier-ministre-philippe-couillard-annonce(Quebec) The wait will be worth it, Louis-Marie Beaulieu slice, Chairman and CEO of Groupe Desgagnés.

From the time that the Quebec government is languishing maritime industry with its strategy, he finally made public Monday.

“I prefer that the government has taken the time to address all aspects – matters of economic development with those of environmental protection through the quality of life of communities living in remote areas – in a view to a long-term vision that make ads for the simple pleasure of making announcements “judge the boss of the shipping company of Quebec. “There, you know where we’re going with 2030 action plans which will be spread over periods of five years.”

Like Desgagné Group Ocean Group – which offers services of shipbuilding, dredging and towing – never expected the announcement of a maritime strategy to invest in its equipment.

The proof? The company is currently building its site L’Isle-aux-Coudres twin tug of its Tundra 100, the most powerful harbor tug ever built in Canada. And in a construction site in New Brunswick, it is investing $ 30 million to develop a floating drydock that it will repatriate to Quebec once completed.

“It is certain that with the boost provided by the government with the maritime strategy, it encourages us to invest,” noted the director of public affairs of Ocean Group, Philippe Filion.

“Knowing that the government is in on it with a long-term strategy that will enable us to anticipate some projects and to secure investment,” adds Louis-Marie Beaulieu.

Recall that Desgagné Group (nearly 1,000 employees in high season) and Ocean Group (800 employees) are major economic players in Quebec and in the Belle Province. Do not forget, in the regional picture, the Port of Quebec, Canada Davie Shipyard and Valero Energy, among others.

If the Maritime Strategy contains no specific new measures against marine infrastructure for the greater Quebec City area – the lion’s share going to the Port of Montreal – Louis-Marie Beaulieu and Philippe Filion appreciate the support continue What to bring Quebec shipyards here.

As it is generally more expensive to build or repair a ship in Quebec or Canada, shipowners are turning to foreign shipyards. Or, Quebec already offers a refundable tax credit for the construction or conversion of ships. He will also pay an additional depreciation allowance of 50% to Québec shipowners against construction or renovation of ships that will be made by yards from here and a tax-free reserve for the owners to finance maintenance, renovation or construction of vessels they entrust to a Quebec shipyard.

Port of Quebec

In a press release, the Québec Port Authority applauds the government’s initiative Couillard, including measures that will be put forward to inform the Quebec port facilities outside the borders and the establishment of zones industrial port that will stimulate “certainly” new private investment.

“Because of the increase in world seaborne trade, enlargement of the Panama Canal works and massive investments in American ports, the maritime strategy is a broad support from the major structuring infrastructure projects that will improve Quebec’s competitiveness, “said the CEO Mario Girard. “It is now appropriate to provide the infrastructure required to seize business opportunities qu’engendreront economic initiatives such as this strategy.”

The government document said that major investments totaling $ 550 million are provided to enable the expansion of the Port of Quebec, particularly to accommodate more liquid bulk.

“Redevelopment projects of the cruise terminal are underway and the government intends to support the administration of the Port of Quebec in this regard,” reports the Maritime Strategy.

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