Marmonier now assessed on criminal responsibility

1157824Soon declared fit to face court proceedings in his case of driving while impaired, Roger Marmonier Sherbrooke was referred to the CHUS for a new psychiatric evaluation.

His lawyer, Caroline Monette, got the court that his client undergo a psychiatric evaluation for criminal responsibility at the time of the facts alleged against him.

The 84 year old man overturned in a pedestrian while driving drunk in his car on February 22 on 13th Avenue at the street Muguets of Sherbrooke.

The accused, who remains in this sector was in a drunk at this late point that it was impossible for the police to conduct a breath sample.

They obtained a warrant in order to proceed to a taking of a blood sample to determine blood alcohol levels.

He is charged with driving while impaired causing harm and dangerous driving.

A psychiatric evaluation was conducted regarding his fitness to face legal proceedings.

Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Court of Quebec has declared fit, but agreed to the defense request for the assessment under Article 16 of the Criminal Code.

Roger Marmonier will be evaluated for 30 days in forensic psychiatry. He will return to the court on April 15.

It’s Me Laila Belgharras representing the prosecution in this case.

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