Marquette Street fire: one individual appearance

accuse-incendieIt is ultimately an individual who is accused of arson that heavily damaged the building that housed the restaurant Footprint, neat kitchen of Marquette Street in Sherbrooke.

Mavryck Saint-Jean has been charged with arson and cannabis resin production at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

St. John was not present during his appearance before Judge Erick Vanchestein of the Court of Québec.

His lawyer Me Melissa Gilbert announced to the court that his client had already undertaken voluntarily therapy following his arrest for the fire that would have caused in February.

The latter had not yet seen the evidence in the record. However, she mentioned to the court that the case will likely not go to trial.

The folder Mavryck Saint John will return to court on 27 July.

These are three individuals who were arrested after the fire, but the prosecutor to criminal prosecution Nathalie Rodidoux case brought charges only against Saint John.

The fire started in a home on the second floor of the building downtown Sherbrooke. Two of the occupants of this property were arrested by the Police Service of Sherbrooke.

After analyzing the scene by the SPS, individual elements have led investigators to believe arson.

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