Maskinonge RCM: shift in the folder Eastern Energy Pipeline

mrc-maskinonge-change-fusil-epaule(Trois-Rivieres) The Maskinonge changes his tune after several criticisms against him because of his position of neutrality in the thorny issue of East Energy pipeline and announced, in a statement , late application to the National energy Board (NEB) for intervener status in the hearing process.

This decision is welcomed by the spokesman of the Vigilance Committee hydrocarbons municipalities of the Maskinongé RCM, Sébastien Houle. “We are very happy and we can only applaud the decision,” says he.

The question is whether the late application of the MRC accepted by ONE to allow, on the one hand, to obtain intervener status in the case, but also to deposit its report.

Recall that the Maskinongé RCM filed a brief to the BAPE on the environment (BAPE) in April, with several recommendations on the issue. The Committee vigilance hydrocarbons municipalities of Maskinongé RCM complained in recent weeks that the Maskinongé RCM did not wish to be present at the NEB hearings. Of the 22 regional county municipalities (RCM) and Quebec towns that must be on the route of the East Energy Pipeline Project TransCanada, the Maskinongé RCM was one of the four municipalities that wish to participate.

Sébastien Houle believes that it is not only the many requests and complaints from them that have contributed to this shift. “I think they had an awareness with the two spills that took place this week in Saskatchewan, so we do not take all the credit,” he says.

Despite the reservations in an opinion piece published in the Nouvelliste, July 28, Sébastien Houle believes that the MRC demonstrated good faith with this new position. “Despite what we wrote in the opinion letter, I believe that elected officials demonstrate listening to citizens with this new decision. In terms of memory, yes we have small reserves, but I fully agree with the choice of making the claims, “he says.

A resolution will be filed in that at Wednesday’s public meeting. The prefect of the Maskinongé RCM, Robert Lalonde, and the coordinator of planning and development department of the territory, Isabelle Demers, will be responsible for representing the MRC hearings of the National Energy Board.

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