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mathieu-bilodeau-2015-jaimerais-etre(Quebec) After years of preparation, dreams and sacrifices, the big event for many athletes approach the territory served by Le Soleil. On August 5, the Olympic Flame will shine on Rio de Janeiro. At the approach of XXXI Summer Games are, we invite you to discover these athletes. Today: Mathieu Bilodeau walker.

Mathieu Bilodeau returned to office on 6 September. Renfilera its accounting clothes for an oil company in Calgary. Full of holiday anecdotes to turn the coffee machine, like the time he participated in the Olympic event 50 km walk.

“My strategy will be a good 35 km, just be patient. And I go like crazy 35 and I finished the last 15 as fast as I can, “revealed the Sun native of Quebec, after another day of training in July.

“Maybe it will cost me positions early because I will not be with the first, but I think more and catch up in the end, it should not be as bad result.”

For those who practice race walking since not even two and a half years, no matter medal at the Rio Olympics. Despite his 32 years, he still holds the role of the fledgling discipline and progress appears constant. “I impressed myself in training! But that does not mean anything, you never know … “moderates communicative and friendly athlete.

Alberta resident for five years, Bilodeau first place in his sights the provincial record of 3 h 50 min 20 s established in 2004. After its momentum, he hopes to surpass the 3 h 47 min 48 s Québécois Marcel Jobin, 1981 mark having taken place in Canadian record for over 34 years.

“I would be the fastest Quebecers of history in the 50 km walk,” says one whose best time in life is 3 h 53 min 56 s, honest about his short-term aspirations.

To make sure to be ready for D-Day, Walker spent two weeks in training camp with the Canadian athletics team in Juiz de Fora, two-hour bus ride north of Rio de Janeiro. Question to acclimatize, key element in long-distance race. It will land in the Olympic Village on 13 August.

A non-mandatory camp. The rider of 1500 meters of Quebec Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, for example, preferred to abstain in order to remain with his family longer. Bilodeau and Philibert-Thiboutot know each other well. They were roommates at the World Championships last year in Beijing. Last winter, the walker had even considered joining the Vancouver half-bottom runner to train without snow, but it did not work.

A family fan club

Bilodeau will have its own fan club on the outskirts of the Olympic course, starting with his father, his sister, his girlfriend, the wife of his father and his parents. Apart from a handful of members of the walking group to which it belongs in France, also came to cheer their champion Yohann Diniz, likely medalist.

increased pressure? “When I competed, I hear nothing and I see nothing. I do not even know that they’ll be there! “Admitted Bilodeau, hoping himself to attend the cross-country race in mountain biking two days later to encourage another athlete from Quebec, Raphael Gagné.

Whatever the outcome in Rio, Bilodeau returned to work in Calgary the day after Labor Day. He would however approach the Quebec sport community in the coming years, not least as to raise awareness of race walking here.

It will still take some time off from competition after Rio. Four hours of such an effort broieront him inevitably the body. Need a few months of rest. “After 50, you have to let the body and the head will replace. I’m just me having fun triathlon or skiing, “he said, as what the rest word has a different definition for everyone.

And that is not selected for the Tour of China in the march this fall.

14 questions Mathieu Bilodeau
1. When you think about the Olympics, what memory comes into your head?

In 2008, when American swimmer Michael Phelps was trying to get eight gold medals in eight events, my wife and I were listening to all his races on computers from home or school. It was like listening to a thriller!

2. An active Olympian from another discipline that impresses you?

Alex Harvey, cross-country skier. He has a good attitude and nothing stops him. I like his attitude brawler, it is inspiring and impressive to see skiing. It always emerges stronger from a performance-cons and, as an athlete, I admire it, because defeats make it even stronger.

3. Growing up, did you dream of another sport than yours?

I thought of going to the Olympic Games in swimming in the 200 meters breaststroke.

4. What is your Olympic hero?

The American runner Steve Prefontaine, a legend in the world of racing. I have a few laminated posters that I keep in the basement as a motivator. One of his quotes that motivate me is: “May Somebody beat me, They Are going to goal-have to bleed to do it.” (Somebody may beat me, but he will have to bleed to do it). There is also the Quebec legend walking, Marcel Jobin, with whom I am in contact.

5. It gives you the choice: fortune or Olympic glory?

Olympic Glory, easy choice. That’s what matters to me. I worked hard to be where I am. Being at the Olympics is a dream I cherish for a long time, but this dream also comes with many sacrifices. Fortune does not make me happier and I can achieve Olympic glory by doing what I love, cause me to walk.

6. Last thought before the start of a race?

I think of nothing. I did everything in my power in my preparation and it’s time to see if the job will pay. On race day, it’s sweet. It’s time to have fun, to focus, to give my 100%.

7. TV Series or movies, which ones?

Suits series and Homeland on Netflix.

8. A reading that with you?

The Great Traits of Champions by Mark Tewkesbury (swimmer Olympic champion in 1992) and Debbie Muir (former Olympic synchronized swimming coach). This book, offered by my spouse, is an incredible source of motivation for both athletes and professionals.

9. You listen to what music now?

Can not Stop the Feeling of Justin Timberlake and Rise of Katy Perry, the frame of the Olympic promotional video to NBC

10. A person who impresses you, inspires you?

Bill McCaffrey, boss of MEG Energy, a company for which I work. Bill is a person very dedicated and very close to its employees. I consider myself very lucky to work for him. There is one very simple and very intense person in his work and I admire that tremendously.

11. Favourite holiday destination?

Wherever there is a lake or the sea, heat ‘bonus’. For cons, I’d like to visit Alaska as a vacation destination.

12. Your specialty in the kitchen?

At home, I cook and take care of domestic tasks, while my wife goes mower and deals with external tasks. I must admit that I am known for my various salads with homemade dressing. I like to mix the spices and try new combinations.

13. You’re not an athlete, what do you do in life?

I am an accountant CPA-CMA. I a route the reverse of most athletes. I am studying and I started on the job market right after. I already more than six years of experience. My dream job would be to become athletic director at a university.

14. A treat that you allow yourself any time?

An art cafe latte. And besides, it’s good for the recovery!

Visit card
Name: Mathieu Bilodeau
Sports: walking, 50 km
Age: 32 years
Best results: 2nd in the Championships of France in 3 h 53 min 56 s, obtaining its Olympic standard, and 2nd at the US Championship
In competition: August 19th

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