Matthew Boucher must give more

blessure-epaule-tenu-matthew-boucher(Quebec) Matthew Boucher is the first to say: the Remparts should score more goals. And as he has no success in his last 10 games and is the best of his own with 28 nets, normal that turns to him for that to happen.

The little winger is one of 18 players who must give more, says his coach, Philippe Boucher. “We had a good meeting with him yesterday [Tuesday]. We think he can play better hockey, “said Boucher father bluntly.

In defense of the son, a shoulder injury has sidelined for nearly a month in February. Its ugly sequence spans four matches before the start of his absence and six games since his return. He garnered only three assists in those 10 games.

“It is still quickly returned to the game,” analyzes Philippe Boucher. “We see that a certain reluctance to use its launch. Discomfort. But that’s part of the game. Offensively, we seek, and many things have to go through him, [Bronson] and Beaton [Augustus] Forces. ”

Boucher son assures not to have pain since returning to the game. However, he admits that his timing may not be timely. “Coming back from an injury, it’s never easy to get fit. But I feel it’s coming. No stress with this: I have my chances, it will come. ”

And by the effort it will come, launches his boss. Philippe Boucher cites the example of the young Olivier Garneau, “the hardest working player we have here. When Matthew plays like Olivier, with the gas in the background, this is a very good player. It just he pedal in the floor and everything will be fine “advocates Red Devil chief.

Targeted by opponent

Matthew Boucher probably less flexibility than in the early season. He also feels targeted by the adversary. Dmytro Timashov Massimo Carozza and Charley Graaskamp parties, he can not hide under the radar: for the enemy, he is now part of the players to be neutralized. Since 1 January, he has scored just six goals, all scored in the first five games of the year. He managed 22 nets in 39 games in the 2015 portion of the campaign. Beaton as many goals as him this season, but he played nine more games.

Next test for Boucher, Beaton and company: the Chicoutimi Saguenéens Thursday night at Videotron Centre. On their trio, the two men find Impose, left out by the coach in the final duel on Saturday.

Thursday’s meeting could have an impact on the final standings of the QMJHL since the Chicoutimi (67) have only four points ahead of the Remparts (63). Both teams still have five games left.

Exceed Sags, Philippe Boucher does not make it an obsession. But he did not say no. “If you can climb in the standings, the better. Of course we will give a chance beating [Thursday]. When dropped, it will be difficult to catch up. ”

Kiselev occupied

The substitute goalkeeper Samuel Cardinal he will see action in the sequence of three games in four days of the weekend? “We’ll see,” first replied Philippe Boucher, adding a phrase which suggests Evgeny Kiselev begin all meetings. “Tomorrow is definitely Evgeny, against Gatineau [Friday] it has to be also and Sunday is against his former club,” the Baie-Comeau Drakkar, listed the coach of the Red Devils. But if the Russian netminder experiencing trouble or seems tired, his 16-year dolphin could end up between the posts. Boucher still hopes a return of his number one keeper Callum Booth, for the last games of the season on 18 and 19 March. The hope of the Carolina Hurricanes hurt his right leg for ten days.

A united group

Despite all the changes with the Remparts since the beginning of the season, Matthew Boucher says the current group of players is more united in which it evolved. “We’re a very close gang. Near as I honestly have never seen before. We have many good guys. It’s all guys who want to win, that will work hard “In December and January, the Remparts traded five of their top players. – Dmytro Timashov Massimo Carozza, Nikolas Brouillard, Charley Graaskamp and Matt Murphy – to acquire young hopes to replenish their bank and draft picks. Team spirit does not seem to have suffered, confirms Philippe Boucher. “We played much better than in January, after we made the changes. There is a certain chemistry, a certain cohesion that installs. The guys have got to know. It was a cohesive room, guys who like it. ”

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