Maxime Menard arrested for cannabis trafficking

-maxime-menardMaxime Menard, Jonquiere, faces marijuana trafficking charges. The 27 year old man was arrested Thursday morning on the sidelines of the police operation to dismantle a network, including the heads are in the Trois-Rivieres area. The domicile of Jonquierois, located on Harvey Boulevard, was raided by the Sûreté du Quebec.

Ménard appeared briefly at the Chicoutimi courthouse Thursday afternoon and will remain held until his transfer in the judicial district of Trois-Rivières, expected next Wednesday. The representative of the public prosecutor who leads this folder in the Mauricie region has indeed opposed the release of Menard.

Transfer and detention time that are not the case of the lawyer of the alleged dealer, Mr. Boulianne Julien, who had collateral to offer in exchange for a release.

“He has no history, it is not identified as an alleged mastermind of the network and I had serious guarantees to offer for a release. But it will be next Wednesday to present these guarantees to the judge at Trois-Rivières, “laments Mr. Boulianne, recalling the high costs associated with this transfer and this remand.

The evidence Menard was supplying cannabis from the network to sell in the region. Even if the alleged crime occurred in the region, legal proceedings will be held in Trois-Rivières. A common practice in large police operations involving several individuals residing at different places in Quebec.

Extensive operation

The Sûreté du Québec has arrested 31 suspects aged 22 to 77 years following 37 searches of homes and commerce, and a score of other searches of vehicles. Among the suspects are the alleged leaders of the network.

“The kernel was really Mauricie,” said Sergeant Annie Thibodeau, SQ.

“The masterminds, six in number, are of the Trois-Rivières area. Everything was organized from here, productions are scattered in the Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec region and then it was sold to people in the region of Montreal, Quebec and Jonquiere. ”

However, this is not, she says, a chain of organized crime usual, but independent.

Thursday’s operation, which is the result of an investigation initiated in November 2014, has involved more than 200 officers, mostly from the Sûreté du Québec, as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Public Security Three -Rivières. With The Canadian Press

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