Mayor recognizes excellence Nordia

tremblay-fait-tourAccompanied by the Director General Helene Deschenes, Mr. Tremblay was able to speak for a few moments with employees in action while conducting a tour of the facilities that currently have 402 workstations. “I want to visit Nordia today because they put Saguenay honored. They came first in terms of performance. It serves as a business card when you want to attract investors. We often speak of the presence of unions in the region. Maybe there are unions, but it is powerful, “said Mr. Tremblay.

The mayor recalled that Promotion Saguenay invested a million in the proposed development of the business center that provides an annual economic impact of $ 13 million, according to figures disclosed. He said the implementation of Nordia in Jonquiere allowed subcontractors and suppliers to win contracts. This has been the case for an office supply company that would have sold for $ 4.5 million in furniture.

Mr. Tremblay asked that Promotion Saguenay to benefit from new tools to negotiate the arrival of new businesses in the area, always a difficult challenge.

For its part, Helene Deschenes was pleased that the center she runs has won the award for productivity, quality and quantity of services provided by staff. She mentioned that in mid-2017, the center will reach its full capacity because cruise business center will have 550 staff members. Staff recruitment is not a problem despite some turnover especially as all employees working in French to meet the needs of Customers with various Bell services.

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