Mayor Sevigny not working in teams according Godbout

-souhaite-pouvoirThe counselor Annie Godbout criticizes the Mayor Bernard Sevigny not teamwork. At the council meeting Monday, she lamented that Mr. Sevigny has delegated his colleague Bruno Vachon, member of the Sherbrooke Renewal, to represent the City at the launch of the portal data Quebec.

The press conference announcing a partnership between the Quebec government and five major cities for the distribution of open data. Ms. Godbout had shown since his election his interest in smart cities folder.

“The mayor boasts of teamwork, but he did not use my political and professional skills. I regret that it has not worked for the Sherbrooke community, but for his party. I am extremely disappointed, “denounced the one that works as a consultant in web communication.

“At the same time, I see the positive side. While there may be other ambassadors of Smart City … I see that Bruno is aware and I will not put a spoke in the wheels. I am here to work for the community and we will work together if they wish. ”

Bruno Vachon justified his presence at the launch because the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS), which he chairs, is working on a major project for information technology. “STS is a major partner in the projects coming up, including the smart card in transit. ”

“If we appoint people to the room, it’s that lack of consistency of vision.”

Ms. Godbout, who did not wish to attack his colleague, argues rather that must be an elected official dossier “Sherbrooke, smart city”. “Smart city, is to think our city tomorrow. For important issues, there is always an elected official who is appointed, including the urban plan, the public safety. I understand the explanation of Mr. Vachon, but it’s so much more than that the intelligent city. If we appoint people to the room, it’s that lack of consistency of vision. For something as important to have a person appointed to the room, it’s deplorable. Teamwork, is to put your best players on your best records. ”

The concept of intelligent city not therefore travels at the pace that the counselor would. “We did not follow up. I feel that sitting on its hands, particularly in relation to economic development when the digital economy is an important issue. We have no one appointed to stimulate the development of our digital economy. I think this is a big problem. ”

If Annie Godbout confirmed that she was thinking of for mayor in the next election, it does not believe that his thinking has influenced the decision of the mayor. “This is the way of the mayor not to work with everyone on the board. In immigration-related issues, it delegates Robert Pouliot rather than delegate the person responsible for the dossier. I decried in committee to the mayor. I think it’s demotivating. We have a responsibility, but when an event comes in line with our responsibilities and that is not the spokesperson, I think it’s disrespectful. ”

Ms. Godbout acts as president of the Intercultural Relations Committee and diversity since his election in 2013.

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