McDonald’s: the table service and 15 000 more employees

mcMcDonald’s restaurants in Canada are expected to hire 15,000 new employees over the next two years to improve customer service.

In most restaurants, guests can prepare their burger to their liking and be served at their table.

“We are very excited about these changes, said the head of chairman of the management of McDonald’s Canada, John Betts, in a telephone interview with La Presse Affaires. I think it will change the industry. ”

McDonald’s is growing failure in recent quarters. Global sales in comparable stores fell 0.7% in the second quarter. In the US, sales slipped 2%. The net profit tumbled 13%. The new president and CEO, Steve Easterbrook, established in May a plan to reverse the trend.

John Betts said McDonald’s Canada had continued to perform well, especially with initiatives to update its menu, as quality coffee introduction.

“We will speed up the process,” he said.

McDonald’s will introduce terminals that allow customers to order their own meals. According to data collected in small markets where the company has established such limits, the total bill is much higher than in a conventional order at the counter: customers take the time to read the menu and seem to leave try more.

“It will help offset the investment, or $ 200,000 on average per restaurant, Betts said. The return on investment will be done on a reasonable period. ”

Guests can also customize a burger by choosing among five choices of cheese, condiments and 12 two types of buns. Some choices will make up the bill, such as bacon and some types of cheese.

Finally, an employee will bring the meals to the client’s table.

“We want to create, for small orders, the same experience as you can have in a large restaurant,” commented Mr. Betts.

It will include more employees to accommodate the client, prepare customized burger and bring order to the table.

“Over the next two years, we will spend 85 000-100, 000 employees in Canada,” said the big boss of McDonald’s Canada.

The company will make the changes gradually. Currently, McDonald’s has implemented the new formula in a Toronto restaurant. Montreal’s restaurants will soon follow.

“Between 1000 and 1100 restaurants (about 1400 McDonald’s establishments in Canada) will offer all of the changes by the end of 2017, the 50th anniversary of the presence of McDonald’s in Canada, said Mr. Betts. The other restaurants are too small. But we will modernize all institutions of the country. ”

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