Medical assistance to die: Ottawa hopes a bill in March

theorie-ottawa-plus-deux-moisThe Federal hope to table his bill on medically assisted death in March, reported Friday the government House leader, Dominic LeBlanc.

The yard should be set in motion in January, MEPs have adopted Friday in the House of Commons a unanimous motion to create a parliamentary committee to conduct consultations.

“You really think I have a fairly heavy agenda in January and February for the government, I hope to present a bill to Parliament quickly in March,” said Mr. LeBlanc scrum.

The case is now transported to the Senate of Canada, which in turn must adopt a motion so that the project can go ahead, since senators serve on the Joint Parliamentary Committee.

The establishment of the special committee had met with opposition from the Bloc Quebecois on Thursday.

The Bloc had refused to give the green light to the motion tabled by the government – which required unanimous consent – under the pretext that the Liberals refused to book a place at one of their members on the committee.

The parliamentary party leader in the House, Luc Thériault, has again accused his liberal vis-à-vis to have acted in a partisan manner folder. But ultimately, training ceased to block the creation of the committee because “it is an issue that has to take off,” said he summarized.

In theory, Ottawa has only two months to respond to the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on medical assistance to die.

The government asked last week to the highest court in the country within six months to address this delicate issue.

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