Memories that date back to adolescence

boucher-brunoSongwriters and Bruno Simard Jocelyn Boucher started music player all in Saint-Jean-Vianney, in garages of Stanley Street. They were aged fifteen years when they saw the houses being washed away by the mud, May 4, 1971, while walking outside. It is their memories of the life of teenagers in the village they wanted to cherish in the album Lest We Forget.

Each sign eight songs are more of a musical play entitled broken Lands, as the locality just downstream of the Shipshaw river where we find the first signs of habitation and the future site of Saint-Jean-Vianney. The compositions will be presented in concert on May 4 at the Multiservice Centre Shipshaw. Five musicians will be on stage.

“More and more, we discover new archives, reports produced few days after the tragedy, etc. But the historical traces of what life in Saint-Jean-Vianney, there is almost nothing that very standard documents such as the date of the foundation or the coming of the first parish priest, “says Bruno Simard.

One who regularly returns to the scene deplores this desolation. He suddenly had the idea in November 2014, to pay tribute in song to the village, not only to disaster. “I lived in the sixties. It was a time of ferment in America, with rock’n’roll and Quebec began to assert itself … It is also in this context that was inspired. The drama has been amply treated. It is instead the pleasure of living there. What was special is that there were many musicians relative to population size! ”

Bruno Simard, as he sings in the room to sleep in peace, recalls a village development, hopeful. His parents had also moved when he was about eight years, like many other families. “We had several young people have left the city center in Jonquiere or Chicoutimi. We did not want to live there, far from everything, with farmers, but eventually we started to like it a lot. When the landslide, it was like being uprooted again. ”

The house of Mr. Simard was moved to the Deschenes tray Arvida, as was the case for the majority of the residences. He now lives in the Lac-Kénogami sector, while his friend Jocelyn Boucher lives in Montreal. Internet has greatly facilitated the work of two men.

André Tremblay artisans to completion, Richard Dallaire on drums and bass Fleury Sabin contributed to the recording of the almost voluntary basis album. Their involvement, as well as the convenience of new technology has produced a record of astonishing quality given the given budget, according to Bruno Simard. It was sponsored by the Corporation of backup and recovery of the territory of Saint-Jean-Vianney in financing and plans to produce 250 copies.

“We will see with the request if we will do more. We will perhaps make another show of evening where a lot of enthusiasm, made it part. I presented the album to a wider group of people, and there was a very nice welcome. Obviously, it is also moving. ”

Songs to remember

The former inhabitants of the village of Saint-Jean-Vianney count fulfill their “duty to remember” and “turn the page” on 4 May, the Shipshaw multi-service center, at a special evening in commemoration of 45 years of sliding Course which killed 31 people.

Reunions are held in the early evening to reminisce in usability, followed by a show where will be presented 17 original songs composed by eyewitnesses of the tragedy. A hundred people have already expressed interest in the event organized by the Corporation backup and recovery of the territory of Saint-Jean-Vianney. The number of places is limited.

“Yes, there have been injuries, but we must move forward. The village elders, it likes to be. Many have died, but there is the generation that was young at the time. We can not afford to lose this memory, “says the president of the association, Rolande Lavoie, who was 23, 4 May 1971.

One that remains today Shisphaw campaigning for several years for the site to be valued. In addition to the historical aspect, the corporation also integrates other users, as the model aircraft club, quad biking and motocross. The City of Saguenay has held a tender a few months ago to coordinate the various community initiatives.

“Our project was selected with some others, enthuses Ms. Lavoie. We can not give details right away, because it affects many things. ”

Councillor sector, Julie Dufour, ensures that the work of the committee “is well” and that “focus groups” are organized. “It’s great Saint-Jean-Vianney, not the mud hole where some will have fun,” she says.

Daughter of the mayor of the municipality at the time, Rolande Lavoie thinks big for that territory. It highlights the work of Ms. Dufour, who managed to gain the interest of the city, and one of the firm Eureko, which identified several points of interest.

“We presented the project to the Members individually Denis Lemieux, Serge Simard, Karine Trudel and Sylvain Gaudreault, who received very positively,” says the president of the corporation.

Everything indicates that this year the reminder of the tragedy will take a broader deployment a simple evening, believes Ms. Lavoie. It also invites people who own documents, objects or pictures over Saint-Jean-Vianney to give them to be highlighted at the Interpretation Centre of the multiservice center.

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