Men colleges in Saudi Arabia: “unacceptable,” said Kathleen Wynne

premiere-ministre-ontarienne-kathleen-wynnePremier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, unacceptable that two colleges of the province have opened campuses in Saudi Arabia, where classes are only reserved for men.

Niagara College and Algonquin College in Ottawa opened campuses in two cities in the ultraconservative kingdom. They operate according to a strict interpretation of Islamic law, banning the presence of men and women in the same classes.

The Ontario minister responsible for post-secondary education was concerned Thursday by the foreign activities of the colleges funded in part by public funds.

Yet Wednesday Reza Moridi assured that decisions concerning the activities of the campus, including the composition of the student body, returned to the boards of various institutions.

Kathleen Wynne said Friday he had asked the Minister to arrange a meeting with the leadership of both institutions as soon as possible. She claimed to have done so as soon as she became aware of this matter and assured that there would be changes.

The spokesman of the Ontario Progressive Conservative John Yakabuski, criticized the Prime Minister for expressing his concerns only after the media had reported the news.

The Ontario government provides $ 1.44 billion to the 24 community colleges in the province, accounting for nearly 40% of their budget. In 2014-2015, the Algonquin College has received 103 million provincial, while the Niagara College has affected 45 million. Colleges get the rest of their funding through tuition fees and other revenue sources.

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