MH17: The report concludes that a Russian-made missile

GILZE-RIJEN, Netherlands (Reuters) – The plane carrying the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight shot down in July 2014 over eastern Ukraine was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile Bouk Russian-made said Dutch Bureau of Aviation Safety in its final report which Moscow denies objectivity.

The plane that was to liaise between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur was shot dead on July 17 last year with 298 people on board. It crashed in eastern Ukraine, in an area controlled by pro-Russian separatists. There were no survivors.

The report released Tuesday says that the shooting was done from eastern Ukraine but does not say who is responsible.

“A 9N314M type of warhead exploded outside the unit, on the left side of the cockpit. This coincides with the kind of warheads feature floor-to-air missile system Bouk,” said the chairman of the Security Bureau, Tjibbe Joustra, introducing the report to the press at the airbase Gilzen-Rijen which were transferred the recovered pieces of the plane to the ground.

He said that the Russian authorities had contested the findings of Dutch investigators on the type of projectile responsible for the air disaster.

In Moscow, the RIA agency further states that the Russian authorities consider that there is nothing to say to the investigators of the Dutch Safety Board that the missile was fired from an area controlled by the separatists.

Quoted by the agency, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov of denounced a report “biased” meet “political guidelines”.


In Kiev, the Ukrainian government said the plane had been shot down by Russian special forces.

Speaking minutes before the publication of the report of the Dutch investigators, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, said it was clear to him that the plane was destroyed by elements of the Russian special forces.

“In our opinion, the shot left the territories controlled by the Russian fighters and is no doubt that the separatists (pro-Russian Ukraine) drunk are not able to operate Bouk missile system, which means that are Russian soldiers who were operating professionals, “said he said at a government meeting.

Western experts and government officials believe that the aircraft was destroyed, perhaps inadvertently, by rebels who would have taken for an aircraft of the Ukrainian army.

Moscow, which denies having troops in Ukraine, looks for a shot of Ukrainian forces or attack a hunter of the Air Force of Kiev.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, said that the report of the investigators of the Security Office was a “major component” of the ongoing criminal investigation and called on the Russians to cooperate fully. He said it would take patience until this criminal investigation to succeed.

According to Dutch prosecutors, the investigation will not be buckled before the end of the year but “persons of interest” were identified.

In late July, Russia vetoed a Security Council draft resolution that would have established an international tribunal to determine those responsible for the destruction of Boeing.

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