Michel Therrien: “We think that next game”

prends-matchs-fois-repondu-therrienMichel Therrien must feel like members of a baseball team who are about to attend a match point or not sure from their starter: do not talk to avoid taking a bad luck.

Head coach of the Canadian is training for guides who realized that the great dynasties of the 50s and 70s, led by giants that were Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman, were never able to do: win six straight games to start a season.

Yet when Therrien met with members of the media after the 4-1 triumph of his flock face the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night at the Bell Centre, it has rather got the impression that the Canadiens showed six sequences of a victory !

“I take the matches one at a time, Therrien replied when asked about the series of success of his company. Players will enjoy a well deserved Sunday off and resume the job Monday morning in preparation for our next game. That’s my philosophy …

“We never talk of the sequence. One think that in the next game, “he went further.

Anyway, the Canadian inspired plays hockey and accumulates victories thanks to the contribution of one and all.

In the opening game in Toronto, it was Max Pacioretty and PK Subban. Three days later, in Boston, Alex Galchenyuk and Lars Eller sounded the charge. The next day in Ottawa, Tomas Plekanec took things in hand, before the other Tomas Fleischmann that one, do make a difference in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Then, at the inaugural game of the Canadiens to his supporters on Thursday, David Desharnais and Carey Price were the headliners of a 3-0 win against the more than respectable New York Rangers.

Saturday, it was the turn of Jeff Petry, an American from the big Detroit area with which the direction of the Red Wings never had time to engage in talks. Petry, who agreed with the general manager Marc Bergevin before opening the free-agent market, scored the winning goal and played a solid game defensively.

“We are a good group of players, and that’s the main reason why I came back here. The guys are dedicated and united, and it’s fun to show up at the arena, “said the defender, 27, who scored his first goal of the season.

The net Petry was conducted in numerical superiority, which produced two goals in the same game for the first time since March 28, 2015, in a 3-2 win against the Panthers of Florida. Before facing the Red Wings, the Canadian had scored just twice in 21 attempts with the man advantage.

“The power play was very good, ” said Therrien, after the meeting. He scored us two big goals. We had the chance to practice a bit this morning [Saturday morning]. I think it was good to return to base. It’s beautiful about it, it’s nice to make X and Y, the best recipe is to practice it. Guys have applied the basic principles we wanted. But it was also very aggressive. We were very aggressive to go to the net, to direct pucks to the net, so that we got the desired success. ”

Training alone posting a perfect record in the NHL, the Canadiens will have a great opportunity to get closer the absolute record of ten wins early in the season, which is jointly owned by Toronto (1993) and Buffalo (2006), hosting of first the St. Louis Blues on Tuesday night.

The formation of Ken Hitchcock will present in Montreal in concluding a journey of six games in ten days, without the services of their number one center Paul Stastny, injured his lower body on Friday in Vancouver.

The Habs will complete her week by visiting the Buffalo Sabres on Friday, and then receiving the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night.

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