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One of the first songs written by Martin Lavoie is titled I must be a little crazy. Perhaps it was prescient, since this artist operates in three years, a theater housed in the century-old house where he grew up.

Located in Saint-Bruno, L’Espace Mr. Lavoie has 50 seats are occupied sometimes and sometimes not. It happened that two people, the owner and his wife make up 100% of the audience. At other times, like last summer, when passing the Espalégendaire Georges Chelon, there are so many people at a Christmas party in the 1960s.

“It was one of the most beautiful moments since the opening of the hall. For a guy like me who loves the song text, people who write well, it was gratifying, “said the Jeannois few days ago, in an interview with the newspaper.

Unchanged vocation

It is with a relative serenity that Martin Lavoie takes its role as diffuser. Its specificity is the ability for an artist, to “booker” at his two weeks notice. It’s not ideal to fill with spectators, but the idea of ​​missing a potentially interesting encounter is foreign.

“It works intermittently, outside the official channels. I am open to all kinds of adventures, “says one who, along with the song, devoted himself to painting and sculpture.

A visit in the room you can admire some of his works. This is also why it three years ago, it was called L’Espace Multi-Arts Martin Lavoie. If it has been shortened, the vocation of the place, it has remained unchanged.

“I have paintings, sculptures. It’s fun to have varied expressions in one place. For me, this room is a place for living, working and dissemination. And I’m glad to see it has now taken its place in the world of song, “observes the Jeannois.

New Collaboration

What evidence is active 12 months a year, Martin Lavoie host two comrades, August 13 at 20: 30, will honor Allain Leprest. This is Jacques Rochon and Marion Cousineau, who will be accompanied on piano and bass.

“Jacques operates a bar where I had the opportunity to sing it two months ago. It has a beautiful warm voice, “argues the broadcaster. Also in August, specifically the 26, the owner will present his pieces to him, a privilege that was not granted for some time.

This will be the prelude to the fall, which is known to include some appointments putting local talent involved. “On September 10, I get a group of Hébertville, 4 Bucks, while the 17, we discover two performers chosen by Normand Gasnier, who created the opera RABBI,” notes Martin Lavoie.

He also announced the presence of the Belgian Geoffroy in October, while suggesting that this will be the first step in a partnership with the agency Our Path, based in the Isle of Orleans. It could get other artists to show up at 512 rue Saint-Alphonse in the coming months.

A faithful to his convictions singer
Martin Lavoie was studying visual arts at Laval University in 1975, when he gave his first shows. Naturally, this is the guy that Quebec Saint-Bruno has tamed the scene. He liked the bars of downtown: the Grenadier, the Niche, With his father and fireplace, as well as the famous Gauls memory regretted.

He who liked the song text had arrived at the right time, since Quebec was living a golden age in terms of creativity. Piché, Rivard, Séguin, Corcoran, Flynn and full of inspired comrades enthroned at the top of the charts. For once, the big sellers were also the most talented.

Called to define his way, the Jeannois evokes folk, while referring to its visual arts training. “I’m a colorist,” he summarizes. One of his successes was Resumes, where the young man had the audacity to adopt a similar phrasing rap. He was also inspired by his region, which gave as a lake.

Released on a 45 rpm, thanks to a launch held in 1978 in Alma, this piece has coincided with a period in his life when all avenues seemed open. When not involved with organized tours in the United States at the initiative of the Government of Quebec, the singer showed up on television.

“I had to Resume Ad lib, the Demons noon and 5 pm Train hosted by Jacques Boulanger,” he says. Saying leading a funny career, Martin Lavoie explored improbable tracks. He sang in sugar shacks, attended the opening of Loblaws markets, while the music clubs circuit in France.

Today, he creates compositions and enjoys playing the guitar. It is not uncommon, either, to see haunt boxes that remained true to the song text, everywhere in Quebec. Years passed, but his interest in this mode of expression is as indestructible as a conventional Felix or Brassens.

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