Midget AAA: $ 300 more for players of LHPS

camp-cantonniersTo take part in pre-camp Magog Cantonniers or another Quebec Midget AAA team, a player member of the Preparatory School Hockey League (LHPS) will now have to pay $ 300 more a member the federation of Hockey Quebec. The total bill? $ 525.

This news does not at all a matter for parents. The changes made by Hockey Quebec disappoint even training Midget AAA, members of the integrated structure of Hockey Quebec.

This is another chapter in addition to the war between Hockey Quebec and Hockey School.

According to general manager Sylvain Lalonde, the measure came into force in 2012. Since LHPS stormed Hockey Quebec last summer, its members must now comply with this measure.

“What the player comes from the LHPS, the Maritimes and Western Canada, it’s the same thing. The young must become a member of Hockey Quebec to participate in this activity, “said Lalonde interview with Le Nouvelliste, while stating that the amount is paid to regional associations and does not serve to swell the coffers of the provincial federation.

Disappointment among Cantonniers

As for Cantonniers Magog, it does not rejoice at all this decision.

“Although this is out of our control, it is certain that this decision will hurt our organization and the circuit in general, admits Michel Champigny, Chief Cantonniers. We would like to draw the top 300 hockey players from Quebec Midget age in AAA and it will not be the case because of this rule. The cost to participate in the pre-camp is $ 225 normally. So the bill amounts to $ 525. It is enormous. ”

“Many parents have called me to cancel the registration of their child in pre-camp Cantonniers, adds the CEO. I expect that a young fifteen desist. 90 players present at the pre-camp, about 40 are from the LHPS. It will be less competitive at camp and this will impact on our budget. We will pass the buck to others. ”

For its part, the coordinator of the hockey program Marquis of Collège Mont-Sainte-Anne deplores the actions of Hockey Quebec.

“Ultimately, it is the young who will be penalized, Sylvain Perreault advance. Each association should take its decisions based on youth development and this is not the case this time. ”

Disgruntled Parents

Just like many parents, Stéphane Cadorette questions the inclusion of his son in pre-camp Cantonniers.

“I can not encourage it, says the father. It is against my principles and my values. I do not want to penalize either child. How will I tell him that eventually he will participate in the camp Cantonniers even when the Marquis of coaches advised him to try his luck. I do not know what I’ll do. Hopefully Hockey Quebec will reverse its decision by then. Why curb youth development for a baffle towers or about money? ”

“We understand parents, ensures the DG Cantonniers Michel Champigny. It’s been a few years that this war between Hockey Quebec and the LHPS persists and because of that, I think our team will host only the players in the school system that are certain to be able to earn a spot with us. ”

“This is a new tactic to intimidate people,” finally summarized the president LHPS Louis Simard, the newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

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