Midget AAA: the incredible semifinals

debut-series-cantonniers-afficheThe least we can say we are treated to incredible semi-final in the Quebec Midget AAA League this season.

The series between the Lions du Lac St-Louis and Phoenix Collège Esther-Blondin takes a completely unexpected turn and reversal of what Cantonniers Magog against the Gauls Antoine-Girouard after being reduced to the absolute silence when first game of their series.

Winning in St-Hyacinthe, home of the Gauls, is far from easy. Only three losses in regulation at home during the regular season. Cantonniers that have managed to inflict a correction 9-3 Sunday sends a clear message to Maskoutains: Cantonniers these are serious in their ascent to the final of Denis Baillargé circuit.

Since the beginning of the series, magogoise formation posted the best goals against average across the league. Alex’s D’Orio is $ 1.99. It also continues to have the best efficiency rate of stops, or .929.

We talk much, but the defensive brigade Cantonniers was replaced after a shaky start in the playoffs. Sacha Roy Marko Puketa, Alexis Sansfaçon, Daniel Brassard, Isaak Chateauneuf and Yann Felix Lapointe are rarely caught off guard. Even affiliate defender Justin Bergeron helps. Is not the defense that wins championships?

And what about the attacker Antoine Demers, the revelation of the series with six goals and eight assists for 14 points in 10 games?

The attendant equipment

It might be necessary to issue a star attendant equipment Stéphane “Peewee” Bourque Cantonniers for their victory in St-Hyacinthe on Sunday. As Cantonniers had jumped on the ice in St. Hyacinthe Saturday night and the second match was scheduled on Sunday at 14 hours, Felix Potvin had decided to stay in St-Hyacinthe with his players for the night rather than return to Magog . The time change also weighed heavily in the balance.

For its part, Stephane Bourque has instead directed to the arena of Magog with as only traveling companions: the skates of the players. Bourque is put to work as one knows him do it and sharpened all the skates of the players on the team with the result that we know.

And a new star is born!

The steamroller Lions

Let us go in the other series between Lake St. Louis and Esther-Blondin. victories of 11-3 and 6-1 Lions. Fasten your hat even though winter has left us: only in the first game, the Lions received 21 power plays (you read right) and scored seven goals with the man advantage. Never seen in my case. The next day, 11 more power play and two goals in the Lions opportunities. What more does Esther-Blondin to understand?

But between you and me, it only reveals once again the superiority of the teams in the division Tacks. Beautiful card that of Collège Esther-Blondin in the regular season, but when you face 12 times and Amos Laval-Montreal, it helps to give luster to the figures. Cantonniers, they have clashed 25 times Antoine-Girouard, Châteauguay, Lac St-Louis and Charles-Lemoyne. Nasty difference!

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