Mike Duffy begins his testimony at his own trial

mike-duffy(Ottawa) Mike Duffy took the stand Tuesday morning, eight months after the start of his criminal trial for fraud, embezzlement and official corruption and after interrogation of the crown.

During the first hour of his testimony, Mr. Duffy recounted his personal and professional career, which took him to Prince Edward Island where he was born and grew up to Parliament Hill where he covered federal politics as a star reporter for CBC and CTV.

The witness’s voice is knotted with emotion a few times, the first when he referred to his debut as a journalist assigned to the courthouse for the Guardian in Charlottetown, “I must say that coming to here in the last year reminded me that time. It’s a humbling experience, because you see how many sincere and wonderful people make mistakes. ”

He also stifled a sob when he referred to his relationship with the two children from his first marriage, he lost sight of when his wife filed for divorce in the late 1970s “This is my fault I worked too hard, “he has said. A “lost decade” followed, where he spent too much time in bars to escape loneliness, caught 60 pounds and wondered how her children were going every time he passed a schoolyard.

Senator Stephen Harper appointed by the Upper House is facing 31 counts of fraud, embezzlement and bribery of officials. These accusations are designed housing costs, travel and office as well as the acceptance of a payment of $ 90,000 by the former chief of staff to Mr. Harper, Nigel Wright. He is the first witness of the defense lawyer, Donald Bayne.

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