Mike Duffy maintains his innocence

mike-duffy(Ottawa) Mike Duffy has loudly proclaimed his innocence on Wednesday, the second day of his testimony at his trial for fraud, embezzlement and bribery of a public official.

“All claims I presented, whether for housing, for travel or anything else, were all made in an open, honest and in good faith,” a-t- he stressed.

Duffy said that it was Senator David Tkachuk himself who had insisted upon his appointment that he has all these claims for costs of accommodation and travel to the Senate. “He said:” It is very important that you claim any benefits, because if you do not do it, if you let the differences from other senators […] then the professor and he will return will say: It is different It is not really “of Prince Edward Island!.

Senator Tkachuk was one of the leaders of the Conservative Party in the Senate and an influential member of the Governance Committee that handles administrative matters of the Upper House. Two days after the appointment of Mr. Duffy, an article was published in the Charlottetown Guardian quoted an expert who challenged the constitutionality of the appointment. Under the Constitution Act, 1867, senators are required to be “domiciled” in the province for which they are appointed. The former journalist was born and raised in Prince Edward Island, but he lived in Ottawa since the 1970s.

Mike Duffy says he did his cottage in Prince Edward Island permanent residence from his appointment. He said he could have sold his house in suburban Ottawa and claim taxpayers even larger living expenses during his stay in the capital, but he preferred to keep this house of Kanata to be more near the family of his wife.

Senator faces 31 counts of fraud, embezzlement and bribery of officials. These accusations are designed housing costs, travel and office as well as the acceptance of a payment of $ 90,000 by the former chief of staff to Mr. Harper, Nigel Wright.

The witness also described Stephen Harper as Prime Minister extremely secret, which relied mostly on his assistant Ray Novak to communicate with third parties and distribute its guidelines. In the past, Mr. Duffy said, most premiers wrote notes on the margins of the documents presented to them. “The Prime Minister then uses yellow post-it notes. And when the documents back down the ladder within the bureaucracy, Stickies disappear. It leaves no trace.

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