Mike Duffy says he was forced to pay by Stephen Harper

mike-duffy(Ottawa) Mike Duffy said he was forced to repay the Senate against his will by Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself, even if he did not believe he had violated rules during the sixth day of his testimony at the Ottawa courthouse Tuesday.

f. I do not violate the rules. And I was not going to take this kind of process. I implored them to show some decency – all Born Again Christians threw me to the lions! “He launched during questioning by his lawyer, Donald Bayne.

The trial of Mr. Duffy for fraud, breach of trust and corruption of a public servant entered the critical phase of the reimbursement of living expenses in the Senate later in the day Monday. Senator says he has always been opposed to the refund, since it considered have nothing to be ashamed of.

He accused the entourage of the Prime Minister for a scenario concocted to drive the political crisis was accentuated in winter 2013, regardless of the truth or damages that such repayment could cause reputation.

The media and opposition parties at that time multiplied questions regarding living expenses and subsistence claims by Mr. Duffy when he was in Ottawa, since he lived in the capital since the 1970.

The proposed scenario assumed that Mr. Duffy recognizes his mistake and announced that he would reimburse the Senate for the amounts claimed in error.

Now, Senator says the contrary he made his cottage in Prince Edward Island’s principal residence when appointed in 2008 and he followed the rules by claiming these subsistence and livelihood . He even testified that he had been prompted to do so by one of the most influential Conservative senators in the Senate at the time, David Tkachuk, to validate the thesis that it was indeed a senator from province.

Seeing this scenario taking shape anyway, Mr. Duffy tried to plead his cause with Prime Minister Harper in person February 13, 2013, after the caucus of the Conservative Party, said he was in his testimony.

“I know it sounds unfair Duff, I know you have not violated the rules, but the rules are inexplicable to our base. And therefore you should repay that money. Nigel will arrange everything, “Mr. Harper said to have replied, according to testimony.

This conversation followed another “at icily” with Nigel Wright, the chief of staff of the Prime Minister at the time, who also ordered him to admit his mistake and repay taxpayers.

“I was stunned, Mr. Duffy recounted about his discussion with the Prime Minister. I could not believe it. I thought: How can someone be so disloyal to someone who has been so loyal to him? ”

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