Mireille Jean calls his opponent

represente-pq-electionsThe candidate of the Parti Quebecois in Chicoutimi, Mireille Jean, asks his liberal opponent, Francyne T. Gobeil, to engage in the file of a cell block in Chicoutimi.

Ms. Jean performed a release Tuesday afternoon after the member for Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault, has brought the issue during question period in the National Assembly of Quebec.

“There is an opportunity with this election to discuss this issue. from the beginning that no one knows of a cell block in Chicoutimi was to raise an issue about the cost, time and logistics. Yet the Parti Québécois solution at the time had joined the Lac-Saint-Jean and the Saguenay and the various parties, “begins by saying Ms. Jean.

“I asked Ms. Gobeil if it makes commitments to solve a problem in Chicoutimi. Is she going to ask the member for Roberval and Prime Minister to ensure to consider the construction of a cell block? Mr. Couillard says Ms. Gobeil wait for applications to move to the act of what he could do for the county of Chicoutimi. This is the time she requests it, “added the PQ candidate in Chicoutimi.

Without saying that this issue will be the central challenge of the next few weeks, Ms. Jean believes it is still important.

It also believes it would be better to have one more vote PQ in parliament to defend the record, rather than having a Liberal member who will bend down before an action of the Prime Minister.

“We will shout loudly to be heard and to find solutions to get things done,” she says.

Member of Parliament for Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault, launched hostilities Tuesday in Quebec by questioning the member for Roberval on the subject.

He recalled that when the decision to build a prison in Roberval, the Liberal government has not thought about the negative consequences that many trips and time loss would have on the administration of justice.

“In 2013, the Parti Quebecois had corrected the situation by announcing the construction of a nearby center of the Chicoutimi courthouse for 20 defendants. And in 2014, the current government has axed this compromise as yet met the Lac-Saint-Jean as the Saguenay. Does the Prime Minister recognize that the best solution was the Parti Québécois and it will restore a center for defendants in Chicoutimi? “Questioned the member for Jonquière.

To this question, the Head of Government reaffirmed its intention not to duplicate the facilities and the lawyers had the opportunity to discuss with their clients through video conferencing due to new technologies.

“Also the distance between Roberval and Chicoutimi is not stratospheric. But we will listen to the demands of criminal lawyers, “responded Mr. Couillard.

“A dagger,” said the CAQ

(Laura Lévesque) – Young activists have tasted cheap shot from politics. By mutual agreement, the Liberal Party, the Coalition Avenir Québec and the Parti Quebecois had decided not to participate in the Fair to parties, organized Tuesday by the MAGE-UQAC. But the team of the PQ candidate, Mireille Jean, was presented at the event. A “stab” according to Jeff Simard of the CAQ, who publicly denounced the attitude of the party.

“I was basely betrayed by people I considered far as friends. The PLQ, the CAQ and the PQ had decided to boycott the event due to lack of cooperation from the MAGE-UQAC, the event organizer. However, the PQ has betrayed his word and showed up anyway with his Mireille Jean candidate, “lamented the young caquiste activist, also responsible for the activity for the party.

When they learned of the presence of representatives PQ at UQAC, the CAQ immediately sent members locally.

On the side of the Parti Quebecois, it is ensured that the team Mireille Jean was in good faith. A communication problem within the militants is the cause of the misunderstanding.

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