Mireille Jean is elected PQ candidate in Chicoutimi

ete-elue-candidateMireille Jean candidate won handily win Monday night, when the Parti Québécois nomination meeting (PQ) in Chicoutimi. She was supported in the first round 66.3% of some 450 activists gathered in the great hall of the La Sagueneenne.

The businesswoman represent the PQ in the election on April 11 after getting the better of the political newcomer, Mario Gagnon (23.13%), and longtime activist, Élise Gauthier, got 10.6% of votes.

Part of the regional PQ family had made an appointment for the occasion with the presence of former MPs Stéphane Bédard and Marc-André Bédard, Francis Dufour, Gérard-Raymond Morin, Jeanne Blackburn, and the current guard represented Alexandre Cloutier and Sylvain Gaudreault, François Gendron, Pascal Bérubé as the new rising star Diane Lamarre who on Sunday stood out by facing the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, when issuing Tout le monde en parle .

During the speech a dozen minutes delivered by each candidate, each has distinguished itself by its style. The first to speak, Élise Gauthier, has relied on its previous political experience, his experience and availability while addressing the issues of development of natural resources, nordicity, the mining sector and the knowledge economy.

Mario Gagnon, meanwhile, tried to convince the audience by focusing on his personal qualities, his personal involvement in various organizations and good feelings towards workers and unions.

Mireille Jean has in turn relied on its qualities businesswoman working in the world of high technology and talked about the economic problems experienced by the region.

Following the announcement of the results, Ms. Jean said fully savor his victory while claiming to want to get to work on Tuesday morning to get another victory to the Parti Quebecois in Chicoutimi. “What I have presented this evening as speech from the heart. I note that these values ​​are shared by the militants. It is a trusted demonstration over my ability to conduct a field campaign, “said the new candidate.

With respect to the type of country it wants to carry out, Ms. Jean said that she intended to remain positive in the new ideas it wants to raise, which will not prevent him to be critical of the first two Couillard years of government.

On the losing side, Mario Gagnon candidate agreed with the applicant, which does not prevent him to say he would be present again in two years at the time could take a new PQ nomination in Chicoutimi . Mr. Gagnon has made clear his intention to be elected to the executive committee of the party and be a candidate again.

Élise Gauthier was pleased with the strong participation at the meeting and was willing to work with Ms. Jean if it uses its services. “When sovereignty is, we do not drop the country like that,” concluded the defeat candidate.

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