Mireille Jean ready for second round

karl-peladeau-mireille-jeanAt 18 days of the election in Chicoutimi, the PQ candidate Jean Mireille considers the economic development of the county and the region is the main issue. It is through debates between the candidates it intends to enforce its commitments.

Accompanied for the second time in a week by chef Pierre Karl Peladeau and MPs Sylvain Gaudreault and Alexandre Cloutier, Ms. Jean continued the tour of shopping centers and retirement homes to come forward as a candidate and woman ‘business. “I think that from now on, we enter the second round of the election campaign. It’s time to get out of the material and I am open to discussions that the public be informed about what we want to put forward. ”

She says that economic development through entrepreneurship, people who have ideas and projects. The support that public bodies can offer them in terms of coaching, financing, marketing assistance in order to implement these ideas is also a challenge to him.

The press conference was an opportunity for Mr. Peladeau to criticize the federal budget presented Tuesday because it does nothing to help the forestry industry. “Despite the fact that Quebecers have allowed the election of the Trudeau government, there is nothing to stimulate our construction sites. We would like to have something other than equalization checks. There is also the Couillard government laxity that has no initiative for economic development in the regions. ”

The meeting was also an opportunity to question the PQ leader on leadership event of a possible defeat as Chicoutimi is a castle from the early 70s Mr. Péladeau believes that all elections are important and that all effort will be made to win. “Obviously we have more chance to win Chicoutimi that D’Arcy-McGee, who vote to 97% for the Liberal side. Chicoutimi is a constituency in the vanguard who was able to engage in the modernization of industry and get rid of big business to create a network of SMEs. I think it is SMEs that are the basis of collective enrichment. ”

The PQ leader added that the electoral joust will certainly be influenced by the arrest last week of former Deputy Prime Minister Normandeau. “I expect that Mr. Couillard says Liberal finance system to end the cynicism that prevails among the population. ”

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