Mireille Jean sworn

parti-quebecois-pierre-karlIn the space of a few months, the life of the Chicoutimienne Mireille Jean was quite upset but positively. The new PQ member for Chicoutimi has officially entered Tuesday in the National Assembly of Quebec, she was elected last April 11 in a by-election. She thereby became spokesman of his party in innovation and digital economy.

Ms. Jean was officially sworn in as a member of the Parti Quebecois in red room of the Parliament in Quebec City. She was accompanied by PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau, especially members of his family, including his mother, Janet Jared, and his spouse of 30 years, Daniel Bindley.

“Indeed, I had not planned to be in the National Assembly there six months. The opportunity was there. I always liked politics in my life. I had a first date in 2005 for mayor of Saguenay. The active political involvement is a way to become more involved in society. I did as an entrepreneur by creating jobs and economic and social benefits. ”

“As an elected politician, that gives me greater legitimacy and an opportunity to help more people. When requested me to check my interest, provincial policy was not in my roadmap (she was the head of the network Photonics Quebec). I had a good career on. It was not part of my plan, but the opportunity is there and at my age, if the meeting is done, we go. And I’ll do the work I have to do, “says Mireille Jean.

The member for Chicoutimi, succeeding Stephane Bedard, not afraid to be in provincial politics.

She believes that his extensive business experience and network of contacts should enable it to get through this new challenge.

“I’m not afraid, I have no fears about working member that I have to do. I am firmly in the saddle and I am surrounded with Sylvain Gaudreault (Jonquière) and Alexandre Cloutier (Lac-Saint-Jean), “she continues.

She chose the PQ for its fairness beliefs, democracy and openness. “And because it is a sovereignist party. I want to Quebec sovereignty with all Quebecers, “she said.

Ms. Jean also wants the tax and Quebecers fees be returned as services to them for economic and social development.


If Mireille Jean beat his opponents in the vote of 11 April, she did not hesitate to share this victory with members of his family, his army of volunteers and a few colleagues of the Parti Quebecois.

“To be elected, it does not just happen. I have been helped. My parents always encouraged me. I was blessed by life with extraordinary parents. With each challenge, my mother told me that I could overcome the mountains, “said Ms. Jean, who thanked her husband, Daniel Bindley.

“It was a collective victory. Thank Maitee DeEcheandia. She was the first to believe in me, “she said.

She was pleased to have participated in an election where there were four women in the running.

“I hope that women’s participation will mark the beginning of a trend that will lead to equal representation of women and men in the National Assembly, and in the near future,” she said.

The new MP for Chicoutimi considers himself blessed by life. His parents allowed him to pursue higher education, despite its humble origins, and Quebec society that formed, neat and supported in his business endeavors.

“If life is good for me, thanks to those who have preceded me, that made the province a generous, open and fair. With my policy access, I want to protect these assets, which make up our collective heritage. I will continue the work started, build a modern, open and inclusive. I want a society that shows global leadership and promotes personal growth without compromise with political development, “said Mireille Jean.

The amended protocol arrival

(SB) – The MP for Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault, and the opposition leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, introduced themselves, on Tuesday afternoon, the new MP for Chicoutimi in the Quebec National Assembly, Mireille Jean .

The Parti Quebecois has changed somewhat the arrival of newly elected protocol. In fact, the Chief Whip of the Opposition, Harold Lebel, MP (Rimouski), offered its Jonquière colleague to accompany him on this occasion.

“Usually, the Chief Whip who brought the newly elected. It is accompanied by the head of the opposition. Knowing that I am close enough to Mireille Jean, he offered me to sit with them. I appreciate this attention, “said the member for Jonquière.


It must be said that the support of Sylvain Gaudreault, Alexandre Cloutier (Lac-Saint-Jean) and the head in particular has contributed to the election of Ms. Jean. It has stressed their significant contribution.

At the stroke of 14 pm, at the entrance in the room (Blue Room), Ms. Jean was welcomed by all elected.

It was presented to the President of the Assembly, Jacques Chagnon (PLQ Westmont), the Premier of Quebec and MP for Roberval, Philippe Couillard, the leader of the second opposition, François Legault (CAQ) and the Chief Québec Solidaire, Françoise David.

Tribute to the builders

During the acceptance speech, the opposition leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, said the message from its new member the importance of those who built Quebec.

“I accept this reference to our nation, to those who came before us, who have an open universe, who gave us good institutions.”

“We must be an obligation to be subject to a duty of memory,” Mr. Péladeau said.

While wishing the official welcome to the member for Chicoutimi, the opposition leader said that the county is represented by the PQ since 1973, from Marc-Andre Bedard, followed by Jeanne Blackburn and Stéphane Bedard.

“The citizens of Chicoutimi were able to count on members and ministers dedicated to the development of their region.”

Pierre Karl Peladeau has had good words for Chicoutimi and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. He cited Gérard Bouchard, over the forces of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, during his speech.

“She carries freedom, affirmation and courage. And also of pride and loyalty. ”

Mr. Peladeau expects that its new member to put his experience and expertise of the economic environment and its determination to serve the citizens of Chicoutimi and Quebec and our national independence.

“Already, I can attest to the dedication, talent and determination it has shown when it comes to defending the interests of the region,” added the leader of the PQ.

For his part, Philippe Couillard said he hoped the new member will always feel that pride by entering the National Assembly.

“I also know you will be there to criticize the government, but I wish it always makes cordially,” added the Prime Minister.

The leader of Quebec Solidaire, Françoise David, praised the courage of the member for her position on the world of municipal politics, as the future head of the Coalition Quebec, François Legault, says she will work to the board to boost employment in the region.

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