Mireille Jean wants transportation electrification

chicoutimi-participeMireille Jean argues that the region has all the ingredients to become a hub in Quebec in the electrification of transportation and the time is right to explore the area.

The candidate for the Parti Quebecois in the riding of Chicoutimi raised the idea during the candidates debate Wednesday on the air ICI CBC. According to her, the area is perfectly equipped to stand out in this regard.

Qualified manufacturers, electricity cheap and available, research potential due to the presence of UQAC, in addition to labor and know-how of quality are the eyes the PQ candidate, advocating the development of a major project.

“We have the ingredients for a recipe to develop this new and very promising niche, which is part of sustainable development and concern for the environment, supported Mireille Jean during an interview with the Daily. When the ingredients are in place, I think it only remains to put everything together and move forward. ”

As she mentioned a few times during the campaign, Ms. Jean argued that his role as an MP, is to allow the various stakeholders to unite in order to push in the same direction.

“My mission is to initiate the project and from that moment, the players met and the project can move forward. I can play the role of facilitating relations and funding with programs already in place, she noted, citing as an example the development of pilot projects or the creation of incentives to promote the purchase of taxis and electric or hybrid buses. It is possible to create a platform for all the players are talking together. It was the mixture to emerge as a new sector transportation electrification. ”

Mireille Jean recalled that the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean was able to be autonomous in the development of such a project.

“It’s a business opportunity, it is now that it’s happening and you should take advantage,” she assured.

“This is a great opportunity for our district to explore this area and there is no need to go elsewhere. We have everything we need here, and then we built it and here we go. ”

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