Mississippi: a university professor shot dead

missisipiprofA university professor was shot and killed Monday on the campus where he taught in the southern United States, students are being confined while police raked the scene, announced the establishment and the local media.

Police were deployed to search and neutralize the shooter, to be a woman according to local media.

Several hours after the event, the students were instructed to always remain locked and stay away from windows, said on Twitter Delta State University, located in Cleveland, Mississippi.

According to local daily The Clarion-Ledger, citing a local investigator, the victim is a professor of history identified by the name of Ethan Schmidt. The man was reportedly shot dead in his office.

And, according to the SunHerald, another Mississippi newspaper, the police are looking for a woman, Shannon Lamb, suspected of involvement in the shooting death of another woman, occurred earlier in a nearby town.

The United States has been the scene of several shootings on college campuses that have shocked public opinion and revived the recurring debate on the sale of small arms.

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