Mohammed Kurdi shorn of its first customer

maire-coquitlam-richard-stewart-eteRefugee and barber Mohammed Kurdi received its first customer this week, the mayor of the city of Coquitlam, where man is newly established.

Richard Stewart was pleased to have shared this “new beginning” for the family of Syrian Kurdish children Alan, became infamous after being found dead on a Turkish beach in September.

The mayor was the first person to get a haircut at the hair salon opened this week by Tima Kurdi, Mohammed’s sister and aunt of the deceased three year old boy.

A week after the arrival of a part of the Kurdish family in Canada, Mr. Stewart asked a haircut the barber to welcome him and express his support.

Mr. Kurdi worked as a barber for 15 years in Syria, the authorities have banned him from practicing his profession in the refugee camp where he was housed.

“I have seen so much hope in her eyes. He said “I want to work. Thank you for all your help, but I do not want to depend on the help of others “,” Mr. Stewart testified.

Tima Kurdi said his brother had felt proud to cap the mayor, and he refused to even get paid. The mayor finally let the money before leaving.

“He told me:” I hope next time when he comes in six weeks or a month, I can say that I’m glad to see, ‘”recounted Ms. Kurdi.

Mohammed Kurdi, his wife and their five children arrived in British Columbia in late December. They are sponsored by Tima Kurdi, which has become the unofficial spokesperson of Syrians fleeing the war in their country. The family has been under the media spotlight in recent months when the photo of the little Alan caused a stir in the international community.

The three-year child died with her brother five, Ghalib, and their mother, Rehanna at a crossing between Turkey and Greece. The case has had a particular resonance in Canada when it was revealed that the father of Alan, Abdullah, had participated in the trip after the refugee claim of his brother Mohammed had been refused.

The Canadian government has promised to host 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February, although he has failed to achieve its primary goal of receiving 10,000 refugees before 2016. On 7 January, more than 7,000 of them had settled in Canada since the beginning of November.

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