Moisson Montreal solicits donations by text

plus-200-benevoles-assemble-paniersMoisson Montreal, which has helped thousands of people in need during the holiday season, solicit new donations from the public to meet the incessant demand.

Hunger does not take a break, and hundreds of poor people continue to appeal to organizations affiliated to Moisson Montreal to obtain victuals.

People can contribute through the website of Moisson Montreal.

But Harvest has developed a new practice that encourages young people in particular to contribute: the donation by text message. Thus, by texting to 20222 HARVEST, a donation of $ 5 will be automatically removed.

Communications Director of Moisson Montreal, Julie Bourbonnière hopes that this practice will become more and more popular. It emphasizes that a donation by text message, only once a year by each of Montrealers would provide more than $ 10 million to Moisson.

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