Montreal: a madman issues and manages threats evading police

spvm-assure-actives-recherches-poursuiventA man in a crisis which has increased the death threats against citizens by Monday and Tuesday morning, north of Montreal, was finally able to escape the police who were trying to pin to neutralize it.

Around 5:00 on Tuesday he was still wanted by officers of the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM) that specify, however that its misconduct have caused no injuries.

His first scandals occurred at 10:10 p.m. on Monday, while for some unexplained reason, the old man in his twenties ransacked recycling bins near a building of Fabre Street, near the intersection of Beaubien Street East. The noise alerted area residents who contacted the authorities.

Several people were threatened with death by the madman who would then fled to an apartment in the building shortly after police arrived. It was unclear if he was armed at the time.

His entry into the building forced the evacuation of seven apartments. The tenants were temporarily housed in a bus Society Montréqal transport (STM).

Around 4:00, officers from the Emergency Response Team (ERT) SPVM broke into an apartment, believing that the perpetrator was there, but he had fled.

Building’s excavations have been conducted, however. The tenants were then able to return to their homes and the security perimeter that had been erected in the neighborhood has been lifted.

The SPVM ensures that active research is continuing in order to find the madman who, apparently, was intoxicated.

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