Montreal dismisses a district director twice

maire-montreal-denis-coderreThe Coderre directors decided to fire a second time an employee already thanked in case the Labour Relations Commission (CRT) give him successful in contesting his first dismissal.

Last August 26, Montreal deposed the director of L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève, Nancy Bergeron, after an investigation into allegations of workplace harassment.

The woman was quickly challenged the decision before the CRT, considering that the district could only terminate his employment.

To avoid having to return Nancy Bergeron, administration Coderre specifically requested the power to dismiss a borough manager, that the City Council has granted him last week. The day after this vote, the Executive Committee adopted a resolution to once again dismiss the woman.

“Since Ms. Bergeron claimed in his complaint that his dismissal by the executive committee was made without jurisdiction because, in its view, that competence would report to the borough council alone, it should […] that the committee Executive proceeds again to the dismissal of Ms. Bergeron. ”
The administration Coderre
“Bad environment”

The City of Montreal has decided to dismiss the district director after receiving a letter on June 30 the President of the Union of Municipal Officials of Montreal, Alain Fugère. It denounced “the existence of an adverse environment” in the district of L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève, blaming the director for “his words, his gestures, his hostile and unwanted behaviors thus undermining dignity and integrity of employee, vexatious behavior “.

A survey was then entrusted to the Comptroller General which submitted its report on August 12 “confirming the allegations raised by the union president.” The investigator argued “the urgency to act.”

The borough disputes the dismissal of its director, indicating that its own investigation into the allegations of white-collar union had discovered nothing to justify his dismissal.

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