Montreal-Nord: a 19 year old girl suffering from a gunshot

A girl of 19 years was injured from a gun shot Monday night in Montreal North, possibly the victim of an attack that was his companion, a man of 33 accused procuring.

Around 20 pm, the victim was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle on the boulevard Léger, human sides in their thirties. At the height of Langelier Boulevard, another vehicle came to stand up to them and a passenger opened fire at them, according to preliminary police department’s investigative elements of the City of Montreal (SPVM).

“It would appear that the lady was not covered, it was possibly the driver of the vehicle, which is known for street gangs,” says Jean-Pierre Brabant agent, spokesperson of the SPVM.

Police did not disclose the identity of thirty who was with the victim, but according to our information, this is Koska Lamar, a veteran of street gangs from the family of “Reds” that has long inhabited the North -is of Montreal and is awaiting trial in a prostitution case. To be released after his arrest in this case, he had to formally commit to not patronize sex workers, unless otherwise authorized by the court.

– In collaboration with Daniel Renaud

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